Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

dee deee de deee de deeee......
Yesterday when I picked up Romy, she had quite the tale to tell.
"So-- today was awkward!"
"How so?"
" my friend Katie was feeling sad, and thinking nobody liked her and that she was ugly. So, when I was done chasing Sean I went over to talk to her because I realized she was just sitting by herself, sad. I was like, DUDE- you're NOT ugly and I like you and so do other people- besides- if someone doesn't like the way you look, they gotta get their priorities straight!!"
Ah, this child of mine.
 I hope that stays with her.
Please oh please oh please let her keep this truth.
 Please don't fall into this trap that I fell into at 10 years old and have fought to get out of, always believing that what I looked like was who I was. Please let the talks of "we are not our bodies" sink in. Please let her see herself through the heart, as well as humankind.
"Did that help her feel better?"
"Yeah, I think so, she started smiling, so that was cool."
"So, why was that awkward?"
"Well...after we were done talking and the bell rang, I stood up and this big green stretchy tail was stuck to me. I was sitting in GUM!! It was stuck right to my butt! We tried to kind of pick it off, but it got everywhere. When I went to my next class, I told the teacher and she said it probably wasn't that bad, and I turned around and she said 'yep, you need to change!' so i went to the locker room and wore my gym clothes the rest of the day. It was awkward--BUT I got over it. At least it was just gum, not like I pooped my pants or something. THAT would have been way worse."
Have I mentioned lately how much I love this kid?
Life lesson:


  1. AWESOME! I love Romy! Thanks for the great post today

  2. enjoying the lesson and the smile - sounds like you've got a pretty smart girl!