Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today was half-price day at the thrift store around the corner.
Normally they do it on Thursday, but today was a special "members only" sale and they had tons of extra junk from the back available for their best customers.
By 'best' I mean, anyone who swapped their email address for a discount card.

I was there last week and they had a great little Ethan Allen dresser in perfect shape.
It had a yellow finish, which is on trend right now, but not a color I am using. It was only 30 bucks, but since I didn't feel like we had an actual need for a dresser, I didn't buy it.
When the sale came up today, I decided to see if it was still there.
It wasn't and that's okay.

There is always something crazy and new at this place.
 I absolutely love it, even though it is a total dump.

Today did not disappoint.


I don't even understand what this is. 
Some kind of garden fairy with rabies and pipe cleaners for arms, but not to worry, it still has it;s original tag on it so it has retained it's value.

There are so many religious doohickeys on the shelves.
 Some are creepier than others.

If we had this, you just know one of my kids would paint beady red eyes on it and it would be called 'Laser Mary" or worse and it would be used to photobomb every picture we take. We'd do things with it to ensure our not being allowed into heaven, for sure.
 If it helps, we make jokes about our own faith, too.
 Matt calls the Christus Statue in Temple Square Space Jesus and sings "I Believe I Can Fly" when we walk up the ramp.

Reverently, of course.

Did I ever tell you about the time that we took Romy to the Mexican Flea Market and they had a guy selling clocks with Jesus on them? She was probably five and she says "What time is it? It's Jesus time! Woot Woot!"

We had to leave.


Technicolor Dream Cow.

"Sorry Kids, but Daddy spent all of the money on the ponies. You'll eat when pigs fly.."
Can you imagine the kitchen that these plates fit into the decor of?

The outfit, the hair, the shoes! She sings, she plays the two stringed guitar AND she arranges flowers. 
Move over Katniss, this girl is on fire.

You had one of these hanging in your childhood bathroom, too.
 Don't try and deny it.
Your mom made it in Relief Society along with a mirror glue gunned to a paper plate holder. 


Seriously I almost bought it, just because it was so full of awesome, but then I'd have to design a whole room around it and then where would we hang that duck on an embroidery hoop?

I did actually get a few things. 
I picked up these unfinished and sturdy wood chairs for 5 dollars each.

I also picked up a new old camera.
 It's not as old as some that I have, but none of my old cameras are collectible or worth anything. I just like the way they look. 

This one still works and actually has film in it- the roll is half used up.
 I'm sure the film is destroyed, but it makes me wonder what the story is and what the six pictures that were taken are.
I also saw these old photos for sale:

 They had no information on them, except for the one of the soldiers- it has a date on it and the fort in New Jersey, that's all.
 I wonder what their stories are.

It was a good day at the thrift store, I spent 17 dollars and left with two chairs, an old camera, a giant water bath canning pot that holds 12 jars and two pairs of brand new capri pants for Roe. 

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