Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thrifting Again

We didn't have anything big planned for today, Matt was working from home and we considered going to the city to see a Game of Thrones exhibit, but we had friends coming over in the evening, so we just stayed here in Springfield.
I got it in my head that I needed to buy new curtains and then bring them home and hand paint chevrons on them (thank you Pinterest.) I headed out to the discount store to buy curtains, it is next door to Unique, my beloved crap store.
I never picked up curtains because you know how that thrift store pulls me in.

I saw and considered this:

Even with a new paint job, it's not quite interesting enough to pay 30 dollars.

These caught my eye:

 ..but I have no use for them. 
The clock has potential, but it's price tag was stupid for what was essentially a wooden box and a four dollar clock mechanism screwed into the back. 

The next thing I was drawn to was this:

 Solid wood, midcentury with only cosmetic damage.
13 dollars?

Yes please. 

It had a matching end table, too.

We don't need any end tables, so we were the cause of a furniture divorce.
We skipped the end table.

The desk is wonderful, I'm already so madly in love with it that it inspired me to reconfigure two rooms in the house.  I'll show pictures when it is all finished because I created a monster with this simple phrase "What if we swapped Greyson's room with the craft room?"

I browsed the aisles of the thrift store as I do each time, making sure they didn't get any of the spendy rugby shirts that are the only thing Zane will wear in, and 99% of the time, I do not find one- at least not in his giant boy size. 
I did find a two pack of these:

 Fake buppies. 
They look like chicken breasts and even though it was a pair, they were two different shades of skin color.
One to wash and one to wear? 
What interesting stories the things that get donated to thrift stores would have to tell. 


  1. Wait...What? "mid-century"!!!


  2. I'm sorry. If it helps, my kids think the 90's is 'retro" and the 80's is antique.