Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Song

The Cicadas are coming again this summer.
They are nasty and gross and leave huge cicada corpses clinging to the trees, but I am looking forward to them.
For 17 years they stay in their eggs and in the ground until they all hatch and spend their brief life busy chirping night and day, making sweet Cicada love and laying their eggs. Then they die and their song goes silent for 17 more years.
The first summer I lived in Arizona was a Cicada year.
That sound, along with the smell of lemon trees and feel of flip flops on my feet worked it's way into my soul. I may not have been born there, but  I am Arizona girl through and through. Arizona is always with me, even though I do not wish to ever live there again. The desert is in my veins and I can still hear the cicadas, buzzing day and night as they have their glorious summer and it makes me feel so good inside.
I am excited that they will wake this summer and my children will experience this home with the same soundtrack that I did when I was about their age, in a new place with a new life and I made new forever friends and found people that were not related to me by blood, but were absolutely family to me.
 Friends that I never knew I was missing so much until I found them here on Earth and my soul remembered them and my heart overflowed with that strange kind of joy that it does when something lost was found.
It does not change the love I have for the family and friends who are not here with us, it doesn't lessen the hurt of so many miles between us, but it does help me to see just a peek at how we are all God's children, how we are all his family and we are all together, after all.
I don't know if the Cicadas are going to sing in Salt Lake, I don't know if they are going to be singing in Gilbert, but I know that they will be singing in New Jersey and for me, their song will have a melody that I know and love.
I have been blessed to see the threads that tie my life together. Sometimes it is as thin as spider's silk, but if I look , I can still see it. It is connecting the places and people and even the events from my 40 years of whatever-ness.
  This summer, the thread will be strong and I will feel that connection to so many valuable people and events in my life as the soundtrack of my summer will again be provided by the pesky bugs. I hope that the sound of the singing cicadas will work it's way into the hearts and memories of my children, just as it did to me so many years ago.
If you haven't ever had a summer of Cicadas, I found this on youtube. It's a half hour of the evening song that some guy recorded.  I can practically smell the orange blossoms and the still in the air as the heat radiates from the sidewalks and the evening promises a show when the monsoons blow in.

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  1. And hear them crunch under your shoes. We had a cicada year the summer we were in St. Louis. There was cicada ice cream and jewelry with cicada wings involved. Crazy mid-westerners.

    (Could you stop posting lovely and distracting things until I am on break from school? It is awfully distracting! :) )