Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Romy Takes Manhattan

Each of the kids got to choose how we spent one day of Spring Break.
 Grey and Zane chose to do nothing and wear sweatpants all day while playing Minecraft and eating chips.
Wish granted, boys.

Romy wanted to go and spend a day with Mom in NYC, shopping and being city folk.
We parked the car at the post office and caught the bus into Manhattan.
How awesome is it that there is a bus that takes us right into the heart of the city that you can catch just a mile away from our house? 

Romy in front of the Statue of Liberty....well, the street performer version at least.

We went to Candlyland at the giant Toys R Us so that we'd have plenty of sugar for our day.

We walked to the Ed Sullivan Theater and then back south to Macys/Herald Square.

We had considered looking into getting a ticket and seeing a show, but there was no way we weer messing with that line/crowd. As the day wore on, it just got bigger and bigger. No way am I ever going to do that just to save 20 bucks or however much it is. 
Ticketmaster may be run by the devil, but at least there isn't a line.

She's a cutie, though, isn't she?

There is a food stand in the square that sells fancy 9 dollar lobster rolls- whatever those are- and they also sell Doughnut Plant doughnuts. They only have 3-4 varieties, but one of them is always the coconut cream.
Romy was thrilled and ate her doughnut and half of mine.

You can't have doughnuts without hot chocolate.

After the hot cocoa warmed out frozen bodies up, Matt met up with us and warmed our hearts.
He left work early so we could spend some city time together.

He's a cutie, too.

While in the city, Romy discovered why shopping in New York City is superior to shopping anywhere else around. The stores are huge and the big chains have everything they carry in the stores, all of the sizes, all of the lines, all of the colors. they carry more inventory than any of the regular retail hubs have and even though shopping in NYC isn't cheap, you can get some great deals is you're willing to look through the racks that are packed.

We spent almost 2 hours in the four colorful floors of Forever 21.

I bought some costume jewelry and Roe chose a romper that she was so in love with that she was willing to promise me she'd help with chores if I bought it. 

Yeah, I have been surrounded by cuteness today, for sure.

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  1. Romy, you are certainly a beautiful young lady! I like your hair longer.
    I love you,
    Grandma O.