Friday, March 15, 2013

Mormony Stuff

One of my responsibilities in Primary is to keep the bulletin boards up to date.
We have four full sized bulletin boards in our Primary room and three in the hallway.
I accepted the challenge and I have one more to finish up and they will all be updated, mostly with themes that can be rotated out every year if needed. I know sometimes boards can stay up for years and with this many, it's a giant task for the next Primary leader to tackle. 
I had our theme board finished first, and after a couple of weeks of looking at it, decided that I hated it and took it down.
Matt was not surprised, that's how I do a lot of things in my life. I try it out for awhile and then tear it all down. Knowing that about myself, I think assigning me the boards is a really good thing. I can get my creative on and if I don't love it, it can be torn down and I can try something else.

As I prayed about how to do well in my calling and serve the ward, I didn't actually pray for bulletin board inspiration, but it came anyway. The "missionary tag" idea came to my mind and I started to realize that I needed to keep things simple and give a clear idea of what messages we were giving the kids.

I'm still working on the new theme board, but the other 6 are done. 

I also finished my final project for the little facebook craft swap I participated in.
This is an embroidered pillowcase for my friend, Mindi.

She and I have been friends since I was in the 11th grade and I love her so much. She's been through so much in the past 10 years and I am crazy proud of all she has accomplished. This is a woman whose heart was always turned in the right direction and who always seemed to see the eternal picture. Life brought her some challenges that simply were not fair. She's had some Job- level trials in life, in my opinion and yet she continues to turn her face towards the sun, even when it is hidden behind the clouds. I know she has had some dark, scary hours. I know she has had some hurts that many people just would never understand and I watch her get up and continue to move forward. She is an amazing mom, an incredible example of living as though you are always aware of your divine purpose and she is such a loving and accepting friend.
  Mindi, did you ever know just how very much I love you? I always have considered myself so lucky that you were my friend. 
Last night we had the Relief Society Birthday Celebration.
I was asked to make the poster for it.

This is a ward that has such a sense of humor and so I thought they'd appreciate my Anne Taintor inspired poster. We had fun last night. I was so tired that I could not even make sense as I talked. Poor Cara Newman, who sat by me, probably left the evening shaking her head and saying "Olsons be crazy..." 
I'm glad I went, glad I got to know more women in the ward and I'm glad that I've got an outlet for some of my creative ADHD and that I have been able to make some people smile while doing it.
My amazing and loved mother in law had surgery this week, she's okay but I wish I was there. 

Since I can't be there, I hope you know I love you, Mom, and I miss you so very much.
I swiped these from the web, so if you're feeling poopy, maybe some swiped Interneties will make you smile today. :)
Feel Better.

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