Friday, March 22, 2013


Food shopping here is always interesting.
There are seasonal, ethnic foods that fill the shelves alongside the Wonder Bread and Cheese Whiz.
There are so many foods I have just never even heard of.
There are so many foods I will never try as well.
I'll stick to my Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Matt told me today that Twinkies and Ding Dongs will be back soon, they sold the company.
My super healthy Raspberry Red Zingers had better come with them.

These are some of the items that we did not pick up today at the supermarket:

Butter beans, ackees, large green boiled peanuts in a can and callaloo.
I have no idea.

  Yum! Irish Moss peanut drink!!

 Care for a chocolate digestive?
Matt says it's just candy from Great Britain.
Better make sure you have the jumbo sized container of oxtail seasoning......
There is a giant assortment of various brands and flavors of plantain chips, as well as every flavor of Goya fruit soda/drink on the planet.

Pineapple is my favorite.
 I am just starting to develop a taste for guava, too. Okay- guava flavoring and guava filling, but I'm getting there.

These are wafer cookies from Europe, they also come in about a dozen different flavors. They don't stock them all in the same place though so you can find different kinds in the cookie aisle, near the checkout and in they make seasonal flavors, too.

Plum Butter.
Who knew?

PRUNE butter.
Who cared?
Note that plum butter and prune butter were in  different aisles. 
Prune butter is seasonal, I think it's for Seder.

We didn't buy any of it, but we did leave the store with these:

Matt had them at work recently and said they were wonderful.
Matt was correct.
They're  bite sized layered cakes with a layer of lemon, vanilla and almond cake. The filling between the layers is raspberry jam and they dip the whole thing in milk chocolate. 

The first bite will give you a cavity.
The 400th bite will give you diabetes. 
Totally worth it.


  1. These look very interesting - digestives is a type of cookie in England but the rest I've never heard of, I bet the plum butter would be yummy!

  2. The layered cakes are called petit fours. If you go to the Swiss Colony website, you can order them in way too many flavors and varieties for the good anyone's waist line.