Saturday, March 9, 2013

Give Blood, Play Rugby

Last week, a huge snowstorm was predicted.
Everyone braced themselves for yet another 'crippling' storm.

(not my photo, swiped from the Internets)
I think that the way the East Coast defines 'crippling' is very different from the way a Utahan describes it. It seems that ANY snow, has people here bracing for Armageddon.
Not that there aren't plenty of wicked and nasty storms here, but there is major hype when there is even a hint of snow.
After two days of the news saying that it was going to hit hard in a few more hours- the bog storm finally came.
Yeah, there was snow, it was wet and heavy, but.....meh.

Grey and Roe went out to play in what we hope is the last snow of the season. 
Go home, winter. You've outstayed your welcome. Next year, don't come with a freaking hurricane that knocks out the power for 2 weeks and maybe we won't complain as much when you're still around in March.

 (Who am I kidding? Winter doesn't read my blog. Winter still has dial up. Ugh.)

 Roe built and killed two snowmen.

Grey had fun with the snowball launchers that I picked up on clearance at Target for 2 bucks each.

After he launched a few at the house and got in trouble, he started to aim for the few squirrels who have come out of hibernation.

 Look at these two.
Since when were they allowed to grow up so fast?
They were just babies yesterday for crying out loud.

Rugby season has officially started, but Zane does not have medical clearance to play yet.
He bonked his head against another kid during the opening scrimmage and had to get 4 staples in his noggin and he hit his knee so hard that he is still hurting from it, a week later.

I jokingly tell him before every game or practice that he is not to come back without blood on his jersey.

Maybe I should have just said "Run fast, Little Trooper!" instead.

I'm definitely not going to tell him to break a leg.

Hopefully the staples can come out tomorrow or Monday. It's not healing as fast as we were hoping, which means he can't play in the next game.
 He made it to the Varsity A team this year and is a starter, but not with Frankenhead. 
I think we all kind of saw this as his official entry into his new team. 

Rugby is a sport where there is little to no protective gear and it encourages the boys to play hard, but not stupid. Sometimes that works and other times it does not, but it's kind of a rite of passage to end up in the emergency room after a strong ruck. 
The guys on the team call him "Utah" and my little 6'5" 260 pound pipsqueak of a son is a welcome addition to the team for sure. 

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