Sunday, March 31, 2013

And YOU Didn't Want To Come....

Easter was really low key here, the kids are getting older and it's a holiday that we don't make much of a fuss about.
 We hid some plastic eggs in the family room and invested all of five minutes in the hunt. The kids just wanted to make sure they got plenty of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Whoppers- the traditional Easter food of my people, apparently and that we watched the new episode of Doctor Who.

(We miss you, Amy and Rory, but we approve of Clara.)

Last  night we had the funnest time.
Kyle and Rebekah had an adult Easter egg hunt-in the dark.
What a riot!

Couples were to bring one white elephant gift and each person was to bring one good gift. There were over 200 eggs hidden and each egg had a number written on it, so that numbers could be drawn for the prizes. There were three golden eggs hidden, which would get a big prize. There were also eggs filled with birdseed. If you found a birdseed egg, you could smash it on another person and steal one of their eggs.

Everyone grabbed their flashlights and went in search of the coveted golden eggs. We prepared Olson style and not only didn't bring baskets, the grocery bags we scrounged up were from the dollar tree. 
No need to hide your jealousy.

Some people were very serious about finding their eggs, I remembered seeing a few in the front yard when we walked in, so I headed there and got a nice supply of regular-non prize eggs. 
Matt and some of our friends went to town smashing birdseed eggs on each other and getting the bigger prize eggs. 

You were only allowed to have two big eggs in your basket, and Matt was having much better luck than I was, so he swapped out two of my small eggs for some big ones. I sure did luck out with that sweet husband of mine.
I escaped being a target of birdseed with my strategy of staying away from the group and acting like I still didn't have any good eggs.  I was a bit of a wuss, but it was a strategy that worked for me. :)

We had so much fun, this ward really does love to party. 

By pure co-incidence, the good prize Tara gave came to me and the good prize I gave went to her. It was perfect because we both gave scrapbooking related gifts. That's kizmet, my friends. 

As a white elephant gift we gave an ice cube tray that makes ice in the shape of dentures along with this book:

Matt and I received these treasures.

It's sad to realize that in 10 years, we'll both probably be buying these products by the case at Costco.

I think Tara got my favorite prize:

Chester and Heidi are always hilarious. He teases her relentlessly and is such a crack up. As we were all laughing and talking, he jokingly says to her loud enough for everyone to hear "and YOU didn't want to come..." 

Their daughter in law, Luisa, was so excited for the egg hunt. I guess this was her very first egg hunt and she and her husband were having a total blast.
 I just love her. 

I love all of these people. They are a constant source of love, caring and hilarity. 
Thank you so much, Kyle and Rebekah (and the rest of you!) for your friendship and the fun time we had at your home last night.

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