Friday, February 15, 2013


Yesterday was a pretty good one.
 Some years we put a lot of thought into it, and other years we just swap cards and call it good. We're kind of super dorky in love all of the time anyway.

Our first Valentine's Day together- we were dating and had actually only met a few weeks before. We were super twitterpated, but it was out first real holiday as a couple.
I made him a super sappy mix CD and put a lot of time and energy into finding him the perfect gift. I got him a watch from Fossil. It's really gorgeous watch and he actually gets compliments on it all of the time.
 (Thank you internets for having a picture of everything I ever have purchased and ever will purchase.)
I was proud of that gift because it was romantic and also practical. He needed a grown up man watch. He'd been wearing one that was insane.
 It was not appropriate for his work environment and he hated it, but because he's a guy, he was too lazy to go and buy a new one as long as the old one worked.
 It had a face the size of a dinner plate and was secured with green velcro.
I love velcro but grown up men who work in banks don't wear velcro.
It had a compass built in it, you know, in case he got lost in Salt Lake City- a town that it is nearly impossible to get lost in.
The man needed a new watch.
He loved it.
He gave the old one to Emma who took about 45 minutes to completely lose it.
I was really excited about giving that gift.
When we exchanged Valentine gifts, he was excited for the gift he gave me as well.
I opened it up and it was....a webcam.
I tried to act happy, but what the heck?
He explained the gift- that since he was moving to Chicago (something that already was becoming too hard to face) that it would help us stay connected during out long distance relationship (another thing I struggled to be okay with.)
His heart was in the right place, it really was. In his mind, he was giving the gift of us being able to see each other every day.
 In my mind, it was office equipment.
I smiled and thanked him and we went to Fuddrucker's and smooched the rest of the evening.
I told Sunnie about the gift the next day and she said the words that I wasn't going to say. She said "That's a terrible gift." I explained where he was coming from and she was a good sister who agreed that while the gift was a dud, Matt was an amazing guy.
Little did I know that she didn't just hug me and feel bad for me- she did something about it. She knew Matt was "The One" and that he probably had no idea that his gift kind of made me feel bad. Without telling me she called him and together, they planned a Valentine's re-do.
The next weekend, Matt took me on a double date with Sunnie and he gave me flowers and a pair of diamond studs. We had dinner at The Roof in Salt Lake and it was a super fun and fancy date. He told me that Sunnie had called and helped him. I loved that he was the kind of guy who was totally up for a re-do,  and that he didn't take credit for the things that he got help with. he was the kind of guy that truly with all of his heart wanted to show his love and make me feel good and he was grateful that I had a sister who loved us both as a couple so much that she was willing to let him know things that I wasn't very good at expressing.
I loved Matt even with the webcam gift, I knew then and I know now where his heart was.
We both learned a lot about each other when that happened, primarily, that we need to just have a quick conversation before each holiday and be on the same page. That way nobody feels dumb if they go overboard and nobody feels like they aren't cared for if a gift is practical and budget friendly.
And lest anyone think I am being unfairly critical of the webcam valentine, the truth is that I hold the title for the worst Valentine's gift ever.
One year, I gave Matt a bell.
Nothing has ever been as stupid as that bell.
Oh look, we still have the stupid thing!
 I can't even explain what I was thinking or any great romantic thought behind it. I was running out of time and trying to think outside the box and I was at Ross.
That's it.
This year, we agreed on a super modest budget. We're trying to get out of debt in 2013 and we just had Christmas, there isn't anything we are really needing and we'd rather just spend time together than go and shop for presents. I have many sparkly things and we both still have Christmas gifts we haven't had time to use. We agreed that we'd so something small and simple from the heart this year. The gift of no stress or pressure was perfect. It made for a really relaxing feeling and energy was spent sharing the love with others. I made and delivered sugar cookies with the kids, we mailed off Valentines to the Elders serving from and in our ward and we even left a Valentine for the mailman.
I woke up yesterday and found my house had been attacked with dozens of post-it notes, all with words of love from Matt. I smiled all day as I would find another little note from my Sweetie.
He also got me some nice new embroidery needles, a huge pack of good embroidery floss and a book on needle painting embroidery- much more advanced stuff than I am doing now. I loved them all.
I got him a new geek game- a card game called Redshirts and we played that three times last night. It's fun. I also made him a mix CD, just like I did for our first Valentine's day, but I didn't obsesses over hidden meanings and the perfect lyrics this time.
(I once had a boyfriend who made me a mix tape, and one of the songs was U2's "with or Without You" that he had added because he loved the song, but I took as a hint that he wanted to break up and I cried my 17 year old eyes out with a broken heart because that's what girls do.)
 I wanted it to just be a good mix he could listen to during his commute with songs or covers that he wasn't familiar with, but would like.
I have to say, this was one of my best Valentine's Days yet.
Thanks, Matt.
I forgive you for the webcam, but I will never stop giving you grief about it.


  1. Have you read the book Redshirts? It's pretty sweet.

    That's all I have to say.