Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things We Won't Talk About

Tales from the Primary pews:
Junior Primary

Sister P. was leading the music and drew some stick figures to help the kids learn a part of a new song. The song was about what Heavenly Father does for his children- illustrated by the stick figure drawing.
Cute and the kids could understand it easily.

As she started to lead the kids in singing, one child seemed to get very nervous and a little upset. She raised her hand, with a freaked out look on her face. Sister P. called on her and in a rather timid and frightened voice, the child said "Um.....why don't the children have eyes?"

That moment made all of the rest of a tough Sunday worth it, the Stuff that we won't talk about.

We won't talk about the mosh pit the kids created as they did a lesson on being kind to others and respecting the differences in our bodies. 
We also won't talk about the child who loudly announced that "there are just too many Asians in this ward!" 
We won't talk about the child who decided to randomly just start crying and when I went to go comfort her, did the melted sack of potato act so that gravity was going to be 10 times as strong as I needed to carry her out of the room
. Don't worry, she started to feel happier when I asked her if Perry the Platypus was in the picture of Jesus blessing the children that was hanging in the hall. 
We won't talk about when Sister N. passed out drawings of parts of our body that we use like hands and eyes that without thinking it, when she said "What do we use brains for?" that I said "Zombie food" just a little too loudly and got all of the boys laughing. 
We won't talk about the fact that I was still cleaning playdough out of the carpet from my brilliant idea to use it in Sharing time last week.
We won't talk about how one child was explaining to another child about his Polynesian heritage and he loudly announced "Polys in da house y'a'll!!" and how even though I probably should have pulled out my tranquilizer gun, I just started laughing instead.

SH Primary kids 1 , Sister Olson 0.
Not to worry, I'm teaching Sharing Time next week.

(I love love love this calling and these kids. They make my heart soar and I never would have dreamed how much I'd love working in the Primary.)

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