Friday, February 1, 2013

Scrap Happy

I am loopy right now.
I spent yesterday at the hospital, I have a really severe bladder and kidney infection.
So...that's awesome. It was an all around crummy experience because it hurt so much I about punched a wall, but the staff at the medical center we have been going to is consistently crappy.
Thankfully, we now know enough people here that I have some referrals for better doctors and I am not going to deal with the staff at Overlook Family Practice any longer. I'm tired of being treated poorly in offices that are filthy and have a revolving door of doctors that do not communicate.
End rant.
So, I'm on heavy painkillers today.
Good thing I'm on the internet.....

But I had to post because today is day one of the LOAD (Layout a Day) challenge that Lain Ehmann has been running for years!!
 It is hands down my favorite scrapping event and I am excited to be doing it again.

I didn't do most of them last year because we did that whole 'uproot your family and move to the East Coast" thing, but I'm settled in and excited to do the challenge.

I'm excited to make some new friends and I'm excited to have the excuse to give myself some serious 'me' time every day. I have a family that is happy to let me take the time I need, but I am an expert at Momguilt, so I rarely give myself permission to do the crafts that can't be done in the family room.
LOAD helps me with that and it's just such a super fun challenge- even when I don't finish it. 
In spite of the rough beginning-- February is going to be a great month!

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  1. Just read this to Nate and he said, "Who is Big Guy?" and I said, "You!" and he said, "I'm big??"

    Very cute. Sorry you're so sick, sis.