Tuesday, February 5, 2013

May Cause Regretful Blog Posting

Day three of LOAD- the prompt was "an important but often overlooked item."
I made Matt these socks a couple of years ago. 
They took forever.
Tall guy has big feet. 
He didn't seem too thrilled and I shrugged it off and told myself it wasn't that cool to him.
So be it, not every gift is a hit.
One day I was sick home from church and he texted me this picture with a note that said "whenever I wear these, it makes me feel loved."
And I cried and that was why I knitted them. 
I didn't need them to be his favorite fashion statement, just to know I loved him.

One more dose of antibiotic.

What a pain this was. 
I'll take the flu anytime. 
I spent all yesterday just cleaning my sickness filled house, especially our bedroom.
It tends to be one of the big dumping grounds for stuff in the house. Matt and I always think we'll just feel like sorting junk and folding laundry when we go to our room in the evening- and we NEVER  have done that.
Time to let go of the dream, Folks.
New goal- I will always have clutter and junk I need to find a place for or get rid of. No more storing that junk in our room. 
I'm serious, it's so much nicer, even though all the junk is just in a room downstairs, we need to get back to having our bedroom be a place of rest and sanctuary and making out.
Oooh, got ya with the stealth TMI there, didn't I?
 Eh- count your blessings, I've made everyone I know listen to me talk about my pee for the past 4 days, you got off easy.

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  1. Same!! When ever my kids DO there chores I know EXACTLY where all the JUNK is.. ON MY BED. Then when Todd goes to bed, because it always seems to be fore me.. He moves it to MY side.. :/ Always a battle. Always.. I need a maid..