Thursday, February 28, 2013

Church Chat with Sister O

My dumb back seems to have recovered from the great laundry injury of 2013, now it's just the usual moans and groans from me.

We had ward conference this week and the stake came to observe Primary. I was in charge of Sharing Time and I think it went really well. I have to say, I think the Lord had mercy on me, because the kids were all really reverent, so it was pretty easy to have a smooth Sharing Time.
We talked about how the Lord has a plan for us and we make choices in that plan, some choices lead us to safety and peace, others lead to danger and sorrow.
I posted a big fence on the board and around the fence we had rocks, a river, a pit and a wolf.
On another board I had lambs, each with a scenario.
Some kids were called up and picked a lamb and read it. We then posed the question :Is this a choice that brings safety and peace or one that brings sadness and danger?
If it brought peace, it went in the safe fence. If it brought danger, the child chose what dangerous thing it was by and stuck the lamb there.

With a few minutes left, the child I chose to pick a lamb in Jr. Primary was Ben. Ben has some special needs and struggles to communicate.
Ben chose his lamb, it was a lamb that went to a safe place. I thanked him and asked him to sit back down.
Ben didn't sit down.
He stood and looked at our board for a few minutes, and all of the kids waited to see what he was going to do. He took one of the lambs who was in danger, shook his head and put it in the fence and said "safe."
I said to him, and to everyone "Oh, that's very good! What can we do to help make the lambs who were in the wrong place go to the safe place?"
We read what the lamb said again and then said what could be done to repent and make the lamb safe again."
One by one Ben took each of the lost lambs and put them in the safe place.
When they were all safe, he happily turned and went back to his seat.

It was one of those moments where you get to be a part of something so much greater than you ever expected.
I'd planned to talk about helping the lambs safe again, focusing more on it in Sr. Primary, but Ben, in his quiet and loving way brought it about with a spirit I never could have.
He understood, and he wanted everyone to be safe.
 He wasn't going to stop until they were all where they needed to be and I got to see My Savior this Sunday, in the eyes of  Ben.

It was a good day.

Yesterday was a good day, too.
Romy turns 12 this summer and she will start Young Women's.
That totally freaks me out!

They had New Beginnings last night and it was great. She is going to be joining such a great group of girls, I adore the YW in this ward and the leaders are the very best. I am lucky to count them as friends and excited for Roe to spend time with women who have genuine testimonies, who love the Lord and who truly and honestly keep all of their covenants. They don't set a bad example and care more about being seen as cool, they love those girls and set an example. They inspire the girls to find joy in doing the right things, not just the fun or trendy things.
I trust them.

Romy was nervous and intimidated by everyone, but she also knows these leaders and knows that they will help her make choices that will lead her to happiness, safety and peace.

The older girls had to guess which of the new girls had certain likes and dislikes and pin them on the girls.
That's the look of a girl who knows she is the one who is good at origami and loves steak. :)

She will always have a choice, I will love my kids no matter what they do. I am thankful that she has good teachers and good examples who will show her a path that is very different from the one she will find in other places.  She'll make her own way, we all do. I am glad that she has the YW program to help, and if she chooses it, to lead her to places that are not in the rocks, or among the wolves, but to the safety and peace of her Father in Heaven.

In the meantime- you're not quite old enough yet, you are still small.
 I'll keep you with me, Little Roe, just as long as I can.


  1. Another Primary moment for the Ensign. :) You have a gift for recognizing the truly important things.

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