Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back Off the Saddle Again

What have I done this week?
Absolutely nothing.
Well, except that on Monday I made this:
It's hanging in the family room, a map on canvas with little red hearts to mark places that are special to Matt and I. There are hearts in the towns we were born in and lived as kids and hearts in places we have taken trips to. Not every place we have been is marked, and many of these places have had multiple visits, but I love looking at it and seeing that we have taken our kids from coast to coast and we have really shown them a slice of what America has to offer. We love Salt Lake City, but the world is so big and at the same time so small. It's vast and amazing, but you can still step out onto the sidewalk and absorb it and find your own special places wherever you go.
On Tuesday, I was doing laundry, picked up a basket and felt a sharp pinch in my back.
Eh, my back always feels crummy, so I kept working. It rapidly started to hurt more and more and within an hour, even the slightest movement hurt like the dickens.
I have been on by back ever since. Ergh.
On the bright side, I've been catching up on shows I wanted to watch. I'm finally finishing Heroes and realizing why such a great show was cancelled.
 It really just went in a weird place in Season 3 and stopped being entertaining. As a former comic book nerd, I can see what they were trying to do, but it didn't work for a TV show. Usually when a comic book starts to have the alternate universe doomsday story lines, they spin off into their own stories and comics. That's why there have been  over 70 different, stand alone comics telling the Batman story alone. You get a whole team of characters, like the X men and there are hundreds of spin off comics. Go to your local comic store and you will see at least half a dozen current comics of each of the more popular characters, all in alternate time/story lines- not all in the same comic. It muddies the waters too much and leaves too many holes in the story. Heroes tried to put 10 different story lines into a 1 hour episode and it just jumped the shark.
Yeah....that's what my week has been like. 
I also watched a series called "Whisker Wars" about the competitive 'sport' of facial hair growing and the catty men who participate in it.
It wasn't a good series, but I couldn't stop watching these petty, squabbling men who thought that the act of growing hair on their face made them a superior person. 
I'm not a girl who likes facial hair on a guy, I don't care how luxurious and shiny their whiskers are. It's fine for those who like them, but I'm really glad that my husband is and always will be clean shaven with short hair.
So it's been pretty awesome around here, lots of bad TV, delivery dinners and the smell of icy hot.
Good times.
I have done some sewing while laying here, I finished another CTR pillowcase and re-did the lettering on one that I had finished before I learned how to do lettering better.
 The lettering was fine, but that child has a twin sister, they are both getting baptized the same day and her lettering was done the new way, and his the old. I just felt like when you held them up together, his looked crummy, so I re-did it.
Much better.
I've also been indexing and my Downton Abbey Nerd heart smiled to come across this name..Dora Deborah Grantham, coming from England through  New York to visit someone in California  so many years ago....
I'm still going to be resting my back as much as I can next week, I have 4 more days of steroid to take, but I have to do Sharing Time tomorrow.
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I remember the chorister doing it in our old ward and how much the kids loved it. Matt thinks it's too much like training a dog and that Magic Sharing Spray is weird and will offend parents.
Magic Singing Spray. Use a clear spray bottle with lemonade. Label the bottle. Use it to lubricate vocal chords and improve singing. Ingredients should be kept secret. When the primary needs a little incentive to sing out this is a great motivator. Practice squirting into mouths at home and be careful not to soil clothing.
What do you think?
I know the kids would love it and it's way better than candy or food incentives, but yeah, I don't want to do something that is going to cause any parent to be freaked out or annoyed.
Magic Sharing Spray, yes or no?


  1. So sorry about your back! In our Primary we have several parents who have issues with sugar so they wouldn't be thrilled with this idea, but I think it is so clever. You COULD use just plain water--not as yummy, but still could be fun.

  2. Lifting a laundry basket? Were you lifting with your knees?
    The idea is cute, cute, cute, but I agree with Julie - do you have kids with food allergies, or sugar issues, or even something the child can't explain except that is was magic?

    I wonder if you could use just water, and rather than spray into a child's mouth, set it for a fine mist and spray above the heads as they are seated?

  3. LOVE the idea! I'm not a worry about sugar mom though so maybe ask the parents??

  4. The kids in the ward did love Sis. H's Magic Spray Bottle of Lemonade. I don't remember any parents having issues with it. Hope your back feels good soon!