Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sew There

Holy Cow, it's cold outside.
I know, it's cold everywhere, New Jersey isn't even close to as cold as other places right now. Utah is colder than it ever was the entire time I lived there. The pipes in our old house froze and the poor Philpott family has had a nightmare to deal with there. 
John Philpott goes in for a major treatment today to help prepare his body for his upcoming stem cell transplant.  
Our prayers continue to ask for healing for our "time neighbors." (That's a nerdy phrase I hear that describes the people who lived in your house before and after you did.)
Their blog is located here if you want to send them your love and keep updated on John's battle with cancer:

I know that it's hard when your house has things go kaput on you, and that house...... we loved that house, but Oy, it was in terrible shape when we bought it. We put so much time and money and love into it, but we couldn't even come close to fixing everything or doing everything right. They have the house with the crooked tile counters, we had the house with the chipped bright orange Formica. They have a house with the baseboards missing from most of the walls. We had the house with blood red carpets with black specks in it. They have the angst poetry that Parker wrote in Sharpie bleeding through the paint, we had lavender walls, and a living room that was used for cooking and had oil splatters all up the wall. They have a yard that looks like it barely survived a nuclear war. We had....well, we had the same yard. Actually, I think we made the yard worse. yeah, we ruined that back yard, sorry John and Noelle.

We live in an old house, too. 
There is a brand new addition on it, that was one of the selling points, but the guy who built it didn't insulate it any better than the 80 year old parts of the house. It's either freezing or a billion degrees- it's like the house has menopause.

The cold seeps into my bones and it's hurting to move right now. 
There is no amount of medication that will make my joints feel awesome right now and allow me to live my life without feeling like a crack head. 

I'm dealing with it by informing the family that they can do their own laundry and dinner is usually a loaded baked potato. 
I'm spending my afternoons bundled up and indulging in my latest craft obsession, embroidery.

Matt got me a big supply of flour sack towels for Christmas and I am really having fun spending a couple of hours on a towel and then giving it away as a cute, personal gift.

I love this little lady I made with a copy of the woman in "The Art of Homemaking" book. That right foot is wonky, I re-did it three times and for some reason, my brain would not allow her to have feet that matched, so I gave up. 

I participated in a little challenge on facebook where the first five people to sign up and extend the challenge to others would get a handmade item from me- sometime in the next year. Last time I made birdhouses that held pictures. This year, I'm doing dish towels. I finished my first one last night, for Melina Moore, my old Visiting Teaching companion in Utah. She's a photographer, so I sketched out this little camera and I think it turned out really cute.

I have really been struggling with lettering, I want to do nice clean cursive and I'm lousy at it. My normal handwriting is awful and I haven't been too good at copying cleaner stuff. I'm not going to the trouble of getting out the iron to do a proper transfer, it's much easier to just spend hours on something and then get annoyed with how imperfect it looks when you're finished.
 I finally tried a technique I saw online where you trace the word on tissue paper and then stitch right through the paper.

Madeline Y. is going to get the first CTR pillowcase of the year that doesn't look like a moron stitched out the name. 
I think I'm doing the split stitch backwards, but I don't know why it matters that you have the needle come up through the bottom as opposed to the top. It does the same thing, doesn't it? Aunt Lynnae? Kaylynn? 
Can you tell me why that stitch is supposed to come up and split from the bottom where it's harder to position it instead of just split from the top side? 


  1. I agree with Carolyn. You've got skill!

  2. You guys are too nice to me. :) Thank you. :)

  3. Chris, I stitch however I want to as long as the stitches suit me!!

    That said, there are quite a few places on the 'net that show how embroidery stitches are made. Just Google "embroidery stitches", or not; depending on how you feel.

    Remember, you are the artist and what pleases you is how it's gonna be!!

  4. Your embroidery is really nice! Love it! You're always so creative!

  5. Chris, looked up some blogs I go to for information and inspiration.
    check out her tutorials, especially the one on embroidering letters
    ideas and how-to's
    artist/draws some very unusual characters; I've purchased a couple of her pieces

  6. I love your dish towels beautiful!!