Tuesday, January 1, 2013


On this, the first day of the year in which I will spend 365 days being 40 I hereby announce my resolutions, dreams and plans that will undoubtedly go awry for 2013.....

I'm not going to be able to maintain my 'announcer voice' for the rest of this post. I'm too hopped up on Christmas Chocolate that we bought too much of because it was 70% off at Target. 

Did you know they make peppermint M&M's?
They were marked down to $1.45 a bag.
You're welcome.

They also had all of the Hickory Farms smoked sausages on clearance and while I think the stuff is vile, at a dollar and a half for almost a pound of smoked meat that normally costs almost 10 bucks, we stocked up and put a bunch of it in the freezer. That will either work or it won't, I guess we'll find out. 

So, what do I resolve this year?

I resolve to make sure my family hears that I love them every day. 
(Okay, that's an easy one because they hear it probably 20 times a day, but I need to communicate with those still in Utah more of my love for them. )

I resolve to listen more, especially in Primary. Sister O isn't the best example of reverence. I am going to work on this, big time. 

I resolve to read the Book of Mormon, and to read every day.

I resolve to snail mail at least one letter or care package a month to either family or a missionary.

I resolve to open up my home more and stop being so freaked out about that. I have issues, I'm working on them and resolve to make greater strides in that.

I resolve to not watch any TV shows with the word 'housewives' in it. 
I resolve to index names at least once a week- even 10 minutes is good, I just need to make it a stronger habit, because I really enjoy it, I just forget to do it when Pinterest is seducing me with pictures of bacon wrapped goodness and dream homes made out of wooden pallets. 

I think that's really it for resolutions.
 I've done a 'one little word' type of resolution every year for a long time, but I can't really think of one today. 

Maybe, after the long and painful day I had yesterday, my one little word should just be "floss."


  1. Oh, Chris! I hope you feel better today than you look in this photo!
    I'm glad it was too snowy here to go to Target.
    You are awesome to read the Book of Mormon every day, and to send packages once a month, and to open your home to others more! All are things I need to resolve to do.

  2. This is my first year I bought a knock off Hickory Farms. It was so sad :( I never could find any. So.. On a day when you break a resolution and need to drown in your woes.. Eat some for me with Cheese and Crackers!! Thank you very much.. My expanding waistline will thank you :)