Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tithing Settlement: A post by Matt

Act I, Scene 1
INTERIOR: Bishop’s Office. MOM, DAD, ZANE, GREY and ROMY are present along with the BISHOP.
BISHOP: Romy, why do we pay tithing?
ROMY: It’s because of the…ummm….I don’t know.
GREY (excited): To pay for things!!
BISHOP: Zane, why do we pay tithing?
ZANE: It’s a commandment.
BISHOP: Good Zane. Romy, are you a full tithe payer?
ROMY: Well, actually, I don’t have any money. I haven’t earned any for a while and I’m not sure how I can get some more.
BISHOP: OK…Grey, are you a full tithe payer?
GREY: No. Sadly, when I got money I did not pay any tithing. But I promise I will from now on, you can count on me.
BISHOP: That will be great. Do you think you might be able to pay tithing on the money you already got before the end of the year?
GREY (panicking): ummm……..well uh….
GREY looks to MOM and DAD for answers.
DAD: Grey might not have any money right now. But you know what Grey, you could earn some money….
GREY: Ooooh kaaaaay…..
DAD: …You could earn enough to pay the tithing you owe plus a little more…
GREY: Aaaaaaaah…..uuuuummmm….
DAD: By doing chores!
GREY moans and starts to shift uncomfortably in his chair.
BISHOP: That sounds great! Grey, do you want to do that so you can be a full tithe payer?
GREY (mumbling): Gaaaaaahhh….no thanks.
GREY moves from his chair and slides sideways to a chair farther from the BISHOP.
BISHOP smothers a laugh.
BISHOP: OK, well then maybe you can start when you get money next year.
GREY (still very uncomfortable): I guessss….
MOM: It’s OK Grey, you don’t have to do more chores if you don’t want to.
GREY (visibly relieved): OK.
GREY moves back to his original chair and looks at the BISHOP.
GREY: I promise I’ll pay tithing from now on. For SURE.
BISHOP: That sounds good.
ROMY: Can you pay MORE tithing than you’re supposed to?
BISHOP Sure! You can…
ROMY: Because I want to earn like $50 and pay for all the many years I haven’t paid.
BISHOP: Great! So…
ROMY: You know what I should do? I should have TWO jars! One for tithing and one for the rest. And then I …
BISHOP (rising and shaking MOM and DAD’s hands): Cool! You know what else, you could even have THREE jars. One for tithing, one to spend, and one to put in your savings account!
ROMY (as all are leaving): Yeah, I don’t even have an account.
MOM: We can help you save if you want. Your dad works for a bank.
ROMY: Probably not.
EXIT MOM, DAD, ZANE, GREY, and ROMY. BISHOP closes the door, in a not-at-all-faster than normal way.

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  1. It was good. I didn't think the Zane character was very believable. Overall, the staging was a little amateurish, but your playwriting definitely shows potential.