Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things I do while Sitting on my Tush

They're predicting 5 inches of snow today.
So far, we have seen a fair amount of the white stuff, but nothing that sticks.
I hate to drive in it, but I love the way snow looks on the branches as the sky is a flurry of wind and white.
We went out for pizza and frozen yogurt and are enjoying it in our warm house while we continue our marathon of this show:


Season 1 is on Netflix and we subscribed to Hulu plus for the month of January only so we can watch Season 2 together.
I'm also going to catch up on Downton Abbey and see that final episode of Mad Men that I missed while we were moving.
I suppose I should fit in a walk or two in order to offset the hours of butt sitting, eh?
While I watch, I'm embroidering. It's my new favorite craft, it doesn't put as much stress on my throbbing from arthritis hands as knitting and crochet do. I'm getting better at it, and I love that anything I can sketch, I can stitch.
Emma and Roe got pillowcases for Christmas:

I made another flour sack cloth, too.
I'm working on a new one, for my friend Cyndi. She's been through a lot in recent months and I think it will bring a smile to her face.
It's only halfway done, but turning out oh so cute.
Just a few more days and the holiday break is over. I think we've had a really nice one and in spite of my getting the plague we were able to just be together as a family and not spread ourselves too thin. I've been able to just spend long days with my husband and my children and I've been able to think about how things went this past year and about the things I want to change next year.
There are some relationships I need to work on, relationships I want to do some repair work on and some I want to more fully let go of.
Perhaps I'll leave the mulling about all of that for the traditional New Year's navel gaze post.

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