Saturday, December 8, 2012


Happy Birthday Zane!!!
We pulled off a surprise party.
Last night after he went to bed, I we decorated the downstairs with balloons and streamers and then some of his closest friends from the ward came over this morning and woke him up.
17 years old.
Holy Smokes.
I don't know how much he appreciated Dad's version of Happy Birthday...
But silly presents from sweet girls are always fun.
And the Ralston's made him an genuine rug "B." 
It's a letter B made out of a know RUGBY......
Love it.
The Hawkins crew made him a candy-gram. Don't mistake these looks for being interested, they were anxiously waiting for Abbs to quit reading it so they could ask Zane if they'd share the candy with them.
We haven;t given him his real gifts yet, but I did have him open this one.
Mom hates them so much that if she ever buys them, it's with the understanding that I never see so much as one stray 'o" in the sink. They are in my top 5 for grossest foods ever.
So of course, that's what he kept saying he wanted for his birthday dinner.
As the breakfast wrapped up, the girls had another plan already in place for Zane and they put a pillowcase over his head and kidnapped him. He's got a second party waiting for him at the Ralston's.
And he's got some great friends. So do we.
 The new normal here is pretty darn good.

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  1. To actually make a surprise party a REAL surprise deserves much praise. Well done and Happy Birthday Zane!