Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Christmas Dog, Oh Christmas Dog....

Hug those kids tight.
Look to whatever it is that brings you comfort and be good to people.
I don't know what will fix the big problem, I can barely fix the small problems in my own little house. I just know that you never regret being loving to someone- you may regret investing so much in them, in having them throw things in your face and in giving so much that you resented the relationship- you can regret a lot of relationship choices- but the times when you just loved them-- always good.
If they aren't - fix this in your heart. You don't have to let them in your life and take their crap, but find the love that was there and make it the part of that relationship you choose to remember as you go look at your life.
Hurting is okay, crying is okay, boundaries are okay- all of those things are necessary- but leave room for the part that was about love in the relationship.
People might be sick of hearing 'love one another' as the answer to this kind of problem,  and I don't think it is the answer.
I just know it is something that I can do in my home.
I have no answers, no blame, just sadness and my own little world in the white house down the street from the deli.
I have thought about making a post with my feelings on the whole pants at church thing on Sunday, but nothing I post is going to change how anyone sees it. You'll either agree with me or think I'm ignorant. I think my feelings about this issue are for me and for my family. 
I just can't give any more energy to one more ugly thing.
Di you know that my kids are all coming home this week?
I know!!
I can't stop looking at the calendar to see how many more sleeps until my house is filled with the noise of my 7 beasties again. It has been the hardest part of moving here, not being close to all of our children all of the time.
(Check it out- new Silpat to bake on, no more recycling parchment paper, the cookies turned out pretty, but they were about as tasty as cardboard)
I'm making all of the holiday treats again, since we kind of devoured them once already this season.
I spent yesterday in the dentist, and tomorrow will be spent at the back doctor, getting injections again. Winter is such crap on my joints. Zane has to get a physical for school this week, otherwise they won't allow him to return to school after Christmas Break. I have a 2+ hour appointment to fix my broken tooth on New year's Eve.  In the next 2 weeks we will be making 6 trips to the airport and about 60 hours of travel time will be clocked in by the kids using airplanes, cars and the train. No boats, but I am sure we'll go into the city and use the ferry at least once next week. 
The blogging will continue to suffer, but- have no fear- I signed up to do the LOAD challenge again in February- so there will be a scrapbooking layout every day for at least a week until I drop out.
 No, I never learn my lesson.
The kitchen calls, so I will leave you with another installment of thrift store treasure hunting.
Math is hard.
When I saw this,I smiled because it was a Cabbage Patch Doll Figurine, but now when I look at it, I think I need to wash my eyes out and talk to the Bishop.
Why are you so sad, Ghost Dog in a sack?
Nobody loves you, Ziggy.
Nobody has loved you since 1985.
Rollerbalde Canteen, you complete me.
Is it the world's smallest violin or the world's creepiest clown?
Please tell me that there is an electricity arc when Phyliss Dyller Angel is plugged in.
I'm not glad they happened to each other.
They make terrible babies.
Christmas Dog's fur coat was brought to you possibly by a series of unfortunate events involving a ball and busy street. Merry Christmas.

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