Thursday, December 20, 2012


Parker is here.
 It's only for a week, but it will be a happy week.
I wish he'd just move out here with us, I miss him so much and wish he could be a part of all of the many good experiences we aer having here.
For today, I'll just focus on the fact that he is home now and we all love him so.
We taught him how to play Munchkin.
I think he's a new fan, he wanted to play a second game as soon as we finished the first.
Zane got a chicken on his head.
Olson House Rules dictate that one of the side goals is for someone to put a chicken on Zane's head because it's his least favorite thing in Munchkin.
Have you ever played Munchkin?
It's fun. Your family will love it once they surrender to the randomness of it. 
If you're still looking for a Christmas Present for the nerd in your life, get them this game and play it with them.

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