Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decking the Halls

I've had the flu for the past few days, but that didn't stop Romy from asking me 400 times if we could make gingerbread houses this week.
Normally I buy 8-10 pre made houses after Christmas and store them for a year.
They taste like cement even when they are fresh, so I may as well buy them when they are only two bucks a kit.
I didn't do that last year, so the plan was to make gingerbread this season. I only had three kids to do it for, gingerbread isn't hard to make-- unless you have the flu.
Then you make a batter that smells like feet and becomes rock hard before you even bake it.
I drove my sick rear end to the store and just bought a kit.
They didn't have regular kits at the store I picked and I was fading fast, so I got one that made a gingerbread tree and this one:
Perfect- FIVE little houses instead of one.
Zane and Grey don't care that much anyway, this was going to take care of everything.
Then I opened the box:
Only one of the houses was broken, but the were also so small. That's a dessert plate. They had to be cut apart carefully with a knife and the end result was lame.
They also smelled like feet.
I'm starting to think the problem is with my nose.
I gave up on the mini houses and just took a knife and used graham crackers.
That was way easier than even putting together the store bought kite.
This whole slacker mom thing is working out pretty well for me.
Look at that girl, holding the frosting bag like a pro.
Zane went for the minimalist look this year.
Most years, he and Parker just pile on the candy and try to see which one of them irritates me the most by being a turd during the activity.
I can't wait until he has his own kids.....
Greyson ate more candy than he put on his house- as always.
Romy loved being different and worked so hard on that tree. She was really proud of it.
She started eating the candy off of it as soon as it dried, even though we had a bowl full of leftover candy.
I guess it just tastes better that way.
We also decorated the tree a few nights before I got sick.
Our tree always looks the same, only with a few new ornaments every year.
We picked one up from all of the places we traveled to in 2012, some of the new ornaments are just key chains we added a hook to. I was kind of surprised at how many we added, it was such a busy year for us.
New York, Disneyland, Hollywood, Mexico, Las Vegas, Washington DC and London.
We've talked a lot and have decided that 2013 is going to be the year that we don't go on vacation unless we are going to Utah to see our loved ones.
No new ornaments for 2013 or  we're gonna need a bigger tree.

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