Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We're Going for 'Happy,' Folks

I'm starting to feel better.
I'm still a bit emotionally flinchy and I still don't feel like emerging from the safety and simplicity of my home very much, but I'm feeling more like myself.
One of the things I did to pass the time while the power was out was attempt to embroider a flour sack towel.
I've tried cross stitch a few times and it wasn't my thing, but heaven forbid I not have a big box full of embroidery floss, patterns and hoops. (I might have a slight craft supply addiction.)
I decided to just try something less structured that made me feel happy.

This makes me smile and even though my stitches are all wrong and inconsistent, I am in love with it.
My Official Sandy Commemorative Dishrag:

I can't believe Black Friday is less than 2 weeks away.
Did I say Black Friday? I mean Thanksgiving.
No, I have seven kids, I mean Black Friday.

I'm not doing it this year, you know.

I'll hit the websites at midnight and see if I can score some of the deals I like, but I'm not going out there this year. I've cut down the Christmas gift list and I'm going to work towards a more simple and family focused holiday.
I think we are due for some change and while I'm still going to be hanging on to our traditions and the things that make the holidays bright here, I'm going to see if we can do it with more purpose and simplicity this year. I don't want a gift spreadsheet and to spend hours wrapping stuff that nobody actually needs anyway. 
The kids are getting older, our house is now smaller. They don't need or want as much and I'm concerned by how high the bar has been getting with gifts in our house. I don't want to try and maintain it as they move out, marry and have kids of their own. We need to have a simpler, saner 'normal' now that the season of having kids move out and start grown-up lives has begun.

So, no Friday morning Starbucks hot chocolate as I try to convince myself that I'm actually saving money by going to every single store within a 10 mile radius of my house in one day. No more waiting in lines (which will be longer and crazier here anyway) to save three dollars on something that nobody even asked for, it's just a good price.
At least, not this year.
I'll shop online at midnight and I'll wear the magnetic strip off the credit card on cyber-monday, but I'm not doing anything that requires me to take off my bunny slippers next weekend --that includes Walmart, since the dress code there is a garbage sack held in place with a chip clip and a Scrunchie.

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  1. For my bridal shower (years ago) everyone was asked to embroider on a flour sack towel. The skill levels ranged greatly, and I loved them all. Yours is REALLY good. I, on the other hand, need little blue lines to follow. :)