Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Late Show

Today I took the train to NYC for the first time.
I've taken the bus, I've taken the car, I've even taken the ferry, but never the train. Matt takes it every day and everyone says it's the best way to get into the city.
I have to say, everyone is right.
That was much easier.
Why did I take the train and go to the city today?
Because we had tickets to see The Late Show with David Letterman!!!!
(Sometimes, you just have to get your dork on)
 There are a lot of shows that film in NYC, some are easier to get tickets to than others. For most Broadway shows, even the big ones, you can often go the day of the show and have a good chance of getting a stand-by seat as they make sure they fill the theater.
This show never has a problem filling the old Ed Sullivan Theater.
Even though we had seats in advance, we still had to be there hours early and wait in about three long lines. We didn't care, we were so excited.
You don't get to choose who you are going to see when you go see a taping of a show like this, you just thank the box office powers that be that you got in and you get to have the experience.

(Isn't he the cutest?)
They said it was the Thanksgiving show, and according to the website Taylor Swift was on the Thanksgiving show.
Taylor Swift was a re-run though, she was there last year.
Instead, we got Scarlett Johannsen and Willie Nelson.
And Dave Freakin' Letterman.
I've only been watching him since I was 10 years old.
(Okay, I haven't stayed up and watched him for 10 years, but it still counts as 30 years of fandom.)

We were so excited. We didn't mind waiting in the lines or the crazy guy standing in the street saying "f you and your stupid show" to all of us.
Before you go in, they give you a bunch of rules. They are very nice about them, but they have rules, Yo.
No pictures inside or they will kick you out and remove your memory card. They don't care if you sue. Don't take pictures.
No food, not even gum or water.
Don't heckle, whistle or "whoop" for any reason.
Don't need to go to the bathroom. The nearest restroom is around the corner in the bar next door. Don't even think about needing to go during the show.
No hats or sunglasses.
Lastly, laugh at EVERYTHING David Letterman says.
They actually tell you that.
"Laugh now, think about it later" is the rule.
You are there to be a studio audience, to laugh and cheer and make sure Mr. Letterman has a good show. If you don't like a joke, laugh as if it were the funniest thing you have ever heard anyway.
They must have told us a dozen times before it started to make sure we laughed at everything.

Some of the jokes were not even a little bit funny.
We laughed and clapped anyway.
David Letterman is very tall and thin.
Paul Schaffer looks like he has Barbie plastic skin.
The band comes in and plays and he joins them just seconds before they start filming.
The band is very good, some of them payed a lot of attention when Willie Nelson was on, while others seemed bored and could not have cared less that there was a living legend in the room.
When they aren't on camera, David stopped talking to the guests and stood up and talked with his staffers instead- every time. He stands up during every commercial break.
Scarlett Johannsen says a lot of words, but none of them have a point.
She is very pretty, very skinny and her dress was stunning.
She slouches when she sits.
Willie Nelson wore a long black coat, like he was on a  country western version of the Matrix.
I am not a fan of his music, but I respect his work, even if it's only been about herbs in most of my life. He seemed very warm and I wish he'd been on as long as the pretty actress was.
They also had a band from Austin play a song.
The episode will air tomorrow night.
I don't know if they filmed the audience at all. If they did, maybe you'll see us. We were about the 6th or 7th row from the front, two seats from the aisle. I was wearing a black and white stripey shirt and sitting next to a guy who was also wearing a black and white stripey shirt.
Matt was wearing his BYU Rugby shirt.
My face hurts from smiling so much.
We had so much fun.

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  1. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of David Letterman, bitty it would be fun to go to a taping. I'll have to find out where Jimmy Fallon tapes and get Russell tickets for that. :)