Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Boring Tales From the Kitchen

I have only just begun to blog about stuff I cook.
It's December, it's what I do.
This morning, I made the family recipe for toffee.
I've had problems with it in recent years, it's turned to sugar or separated. I've been really frustrated, not knowing what I was doing wrong. Sometimes I thought I had it figured out and then, at the last minute, it would go bad again.
Maybe I was stirring too much, maybe I was heating it too fast, I suspect I was overcooking it.
Whatever the problem was, this batch turned out.........perfect.
I'd do the happpy dance, but then I'd have to put down my candy.
In other exciting news, I finally bought chalk for the chalkboard wall I put in the kitchen a month (two?) ago.
Let the vandalism commence.....

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