Monday, November 26, 2012

In the Kitchen

I hope that after we get through the first full year, it will be easier to have so many miles between us and our families. We were invited to a couple of places this year, but we stayed here so that Grey and Roe's dad could spend the day with the kids, too. 
Not my favorite, but it went perfectly fine.

I made too many pies this year- if there can be such a thing. 
I was a little disappointed in my beautiful magazine worthy pineapple custard pie. I'm going to make it again and tweak the recipe. It needed a little less pineapple and the custard needed to be heavier.  It was very good, but not quite at 'to die for' level.

I taught Romy how to make pumpkin pie this year.

Do you remember the first time you ever made it, or saw it made?

I remember crying thinking I ruined it and throwing it away because the filling was just soup.
I didn't know that an hour in the oven was going to fix that. I made another one and it was the same. I put it in the oven anyway and still cried as I obsessively checked it every 10 minutes and it was still runny. 
I decided to leave it in there until it burned though, I was so frustrated.
Lo and behold, after just over an hour, it magically turned into pie. It looked terrible because I'd messed with it so much, but it was pumpkin pie.

Romy's first pumpkin pie turned out much better:

Good stuff. 
And even though our table seemed awfully empty this year, we had a good day.

The next day, we started our holiday baking.
You wouldn't know it was the next day based on Greyson wearing the same shirt every single day all weekend long.......boys.

The kids helped dip pretzels in chocolate, same as they do every year.

I also made these cookies with a recipe I got from Cousin Lisa. The recipe said that it was my mother in law's recipe, but Matt doesn't remember them.

I added too much flour anyway, so they turned out a little on the dry side. I dipped half of the cookie in melted chocolate later and they were immediately gobbled up by the family.

Today I made chocolate chip cookies.
One of the changes in having so many of the kids gone and not having ward members that live next door is that when I make a big batch of cookies, it tends to be too much. Usually a dozen or two will last us a couple of days. That same amount usually lasted one night and we would bring a plate over to someone in the ward as well.

It only dawned on me today to just freeze the extra dough and only make one pan of cookies.

And it dawned on me that one pan usually lasts a few days that the best way to store the dough was to take my handy cookie scoop, measure out 15 cookies and seal up one cookie sheet's worth at a time.

Now I have exactly three more batches of chocolate chip cookies all
ready to bake. No more wasting or making so many cookies that we get sick of them. I can't believe it took me this long to realize this simple solution.
I guess I could have also cut the recipe in half, but I like this idea much better.

(Please ignore the gross parchment paper, this was batch 2 of the day. )

We also made fudge and plan to start on the other candy this week. 

The holiday season has a lot of stress and chaos, but few things are more comforting than sitting with your family listening to Dean and Bing sing Christmas carols as you catch a passing glimpse of your sparkling Christmas tree. 
It's the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.


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  2. Wait...your mother-in-law's recipe? Unless it is one off of the Hersey's cocoa can, I don't remember it, either, Matt! I probably made it once. But, I suppose me giving it to Lisa's mom makes it mine?

    Romy, that pie looks incredible! You did an awesome job! Only thing that could make it better would be for me to be able to have a taste...