Friday, October 19, 2012

Hope for Brighter Days and Better Bagels

We love going to the local delis and getting salt bagels.

We've tried about half a dozen places to see what ones we like best.
Skolnik's bagels are horrible- vile and the place is filthy.
The Bagel Chateau...meh. They can be hit or miss and they tend to be out of the ones we like if we go after lunch.
Bagels 4 U are pretty good and the Bagel Stop has amazing bagels.
Bagels Supreme are my favorites.
I told you, we have become totally converted.
They aren't too expensive, either. I usually get a baker's dozen for 10 bucks.

The problem is that a baker's dozen tends to just be too many bagels for the family now. The salt bagels 'sweat' because of the salt and they don't keep as well as plain ones and they just don't work as a good snack unless they are super fresh. I'm too cheap to just buy half a dozen for 8 bucks when I get seven more for only two more dollars.
We do eat them, even when they have the consistency of bagel jerky.

I decided that they couldn't be too hard to just make myself. It's just bread that you boil, right?
I looked online and found tons of sites that said you can make bagels at home and they are super easy.
I am here to tell you that those websites lie.
My friend, Mindi, recently made bagels at home and they looked really good, she inspired me to try it myself.
I forgot that Mindi also has the patience to finish quilts and not murder her 6 boys, even though she goes to school full time and is a single mom. Mindi is kind of the bomb and I'm super proud of her and so thankful that's she has been my friend since we were in High School- and even then she managed to do things that amazed the crap out of me and make it seem easy.
I'm still waiting to see if she will adopt me, but since we're kind of the same age, I guess that would be weird.
This post has become weird, too.
Back to bagels.

I found a good recipe, it looked easy enough to follow.
I could do this....

It turns out that I couldn't do this.
They took forever to make and they looked insane.
They tasted fine, but not like a bagel. They tasted like a salty roll, and not a good salty roll. Like a roll you put salt on, that's all.
Not worth it.

Chalk this one up to another reason why I'd make a lousy pioneer if pioneers ate bagels.
I'm guessing by the quality of the delis in Utah, that they probably didn't.
That's okay because they have Lion House Rolls and raspberry shakes and I stink at making those from scratch, too.

In other news, the family who bought our house in Utah are absolutely adorable people. 
 The selling process was smooth and they actually bought the house 4 days after it hit the market. We have been so thankful and normally, when you move away and someone buys your old house, it's kind of like a closed adoption thing, you move on with life and hope it all worked out, but you just never know. 

Thanks to technology and facebook, it's easy to know more. I was looking at pictures of another Mindy's kids, our old next door neighbor, and realized they were taken in our old back yard. They were playing with the children of the family that bought our house. Every so often I'd get a text from one of my friends that would say "We miss you so much, but the new family is very nice, too." 
And that was good. 
Parts of it were hard, it was hard to accept that it wasn't OUR home- I wasn't expecting that to be as hard, but knowing that it was filled with laughter and kids running up and down those stairs, playing on our rickety old swing set helped. It helped to know, without a doubt that the right family was there and that it was absolutely the season for all of that to happen, not only for us, but for them and for the ward we love so much. 

During conference I got a text telling me that the father of the family was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In recent weeks, more has been learned about his situation and oh, my heart breaks for them.
 This sweet family with a house as full of young kids in a new area. They are in a good place, they are in a home where miracles often took place and where the spirit was there (most of the time.)They are in a home where trials were faced and most were overcome, others were just endured but always we tried to live our lives with peace and the Holy Ghost. Always we included laughter and an understanding that relationships are fragile and you have to work hard and be as good towards one another as you could in order for them to stay intact. 
Lots of tears and lots of laughter. Way more laughter. Way more joy than sorrow and way more answered prayers and peace than nights of despair and fear. There were plenty of those, too, though. Plenty of times where the hopes and prayers of others are what got us through some of the darkest hours. Now I ask you, my readers to once again send your prayers and hopes to the big gray barn house with the red door on Chateau Avenue.

The prognosis is not good. The specific kind of cancer he has is called Plasma Cell Leukemia. 
He is a young father with a house full of sweet children, many that were brought into this eternal family through the blessings of adoption if I understand correctly. A different kind of 'blended' family but it touched my heart to know that they also found their family here on Earth and came together.

 Friends and family are doing a 40 day fast for John, asking that loved ones each take one specific day in the next 40 and fast for him. 
Our day is November 2nd. If you would like to join in the fast, I'd consider it a personal favor. 

 He started chemo yesterday. 
 I have never actually met this family and yet, I know them. We have a connection and already my life has been very blessed through them. 
 Please pray for John. 
 Please pray that they have comfort and more years of joy in that house, that they have the chance to build as many happy memories as we did, and even more.

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  1. I'm so sorry about the cancer prognosis. I really hate it when cancer creeps into our lives. :(

    The first half of this post was really quite hilarious. You are an awesome writer.