Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paint, Bleach and.... Say WHAT, President Monson?

This weekend I did some little projects.
I really am trying to finish what I start these days.
Unless I start something really boring or that takes too long.....
Our new place has a pretty small kitchen. Small, but sufficient for our needs.
It could use a little more counter and cupboard space, but with the addition of the cheap-o butcher block island from Ikea, it's perfectly fine most of the time.
One of the things I liked about this house was that the interior had all been repainted in neutral colors that I would have chosen myself.
 Neutral colors with flat paint.
You can't tell from the picture, but that wall by the fridge was nasty.
The kids lean against it while they stare into the fridge and try to figure out where I hid the good snacks. Four months of that, and I just got too grossed out, so this weekend I repainted the kitchen.
One of the bonuses of having a small kitchen was that it was finished in about 2 hours.
The color is kind of a mushroom gray, it has a hint of purple in it. I am not a purple fan, but this is a really good neutral and the color looks nice with the cupboards and counter tops.
The black rectangle is actually a chalkboard-we will see if that works for us or if it ends up a colossal mess. I do not plan to share the chalk with the kids because I'm a mean mom who doesn't want chalk dust tracked all over the house.
I saw these on Pinterest:
They were just plain t-shirts, decorated with a bleach pen.
We always have a good supply of t-shirts that are loved by the kids, but they have a stain on them, so mean mom doesn't let them wear them to school.
(I'm telling you, I'm the meanest mom-ever!)
I had nothing to lose with this one, if it ended up being on of those Pin-pocalypse failures, eh, the shirt was junk anyway.
My version: 
I printed up the shape on paper and used it as a stencil.
I wanted it to have that scribbled in look, so when it had developed to a place I was happy with, I carefully rinsed the bleach out and then washed and dried the shirt with a few white towels, just in case the bleach spread throughout the load.
I'm going to try it on stained blue jeans next.
 In other news...
(coughcough you're ...)
This means Zane and Emma will be putting in their mission papers within a few months of each other.
Holy Moley.
Suddenly, it's right around the corner.

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