Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Treasures

Last week I took a little break from everything and spent some time being amused at our crazy local thrift store again. I meant to find things to do Halloween costumes with, but I forgot to actually ask the kids what they were going to be first. 
So, I just looked around and snapped pictures of some of my favorite oddities there.
It's always an adventure at the Union Unique.

Did you have these on your tree as a kid? 
I almost bought them, and then I reminded myself that I didn't need them, and they would probably burn my house down. I can take a picture and still have the memory, I don't need to buy things just because they make me smile.
Unless those things are shoes.

I'm sure someone's mom spent hours on this little guy:

And here it is at the goodwill. 
John never appreciates anything.
John is a spoiled brat.

This one had googly eyes.

I don't know which one was creepier, the peach or the peanut, but the fact that they already have a shovel ready for some good old fashioned body buryin' scares me.

It doesn't scare me as much as this:

This probably belonged to John's sister. 
Their mother works so hard trying to give them nice things. They really don't deserve her.

This game was 15 bucks:

 Probably the most expensive thing at the thrift store and I can totally see why. 
What's more fun than Granny Racing?
Oh yes, Granny racing :The Board Game.

I have nothing to say that is funny about this one, I don't want my words to take away from it's awesomeness.

 Dick Dastardly. 

 There were some great cassette tapes to choose from.

And look a little further, yeah, it's Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound machine AND Ratt.

It's a good thing we don't own a cassette player, or I'd have never been able to resist these.

Lastly, this beauty pretty much summed up my whole Unique Store trip:

Nothing says Hillbilly Homebrew like drinking your moonshine out of a tin mug.

None of these were any help in making this year's Halloween costumes, but they did make me smile.

Now I just need to create a Pikmin, a vampire and the 11th Doctor Who by Friday.

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  1. Ratt and Van Halen! I would have bought them. I own a cassette player and use it since my CD player broke - all I listen to is my old stuff.