Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know you were hoping for a third post about apples, but I finished making enough applesauce to feed an army and I'm all appled out.
I'm sick of them to the core.
Nyuk nyuk...
Oh, count your blessings, I have at least 5 more really stupid apple jokes I could post.
Speaking of counting blessings...
This little house with the deli on the corner is starting to feel more like 'us' every day.
I've been going through some hard things, struggling with a shadow that was resting on my heart and it's starting to lift. 
Getting out our little box of Halloween decorations helped.
 Seeing our old and familiar stuff in the new place helped.
The walls are in different places and the sounds are all new, but it's still home.
We never use this door, but it's an awfully cute space.
 I'm sure the mailman is enjoying it- that is, if he bothers to come.
 Four times since we started living here, he just didn't show. The next day we had a ton of mail. The neighbors said that sometimes he runs out of time so he just skips our street. Weird.
Even weirder is that sometimes, he comes twice. I thought maybe it was just on days we had packages, but he has delivered letters and bills twice in the same day, too.
New Jersey is weird. 

Isn't this pretty?
My friend Lee made it for me last year in a little craft swap we did.
It's so gorgeous. The modge podge birdhouses I made in exchange were pretty  lame in comparison.
Lee is an old friend, though, so I wasn't worried about comparisons. I just got to feel loved by her generosity and admire her talent.
That giant skull in the corner? Matt saw it at the store and HAD to have it. He's not one who HAS to have many things, let alone decorative things, so when Matt HAS to have something, we get it.
The eyes have red LED lights in them.
Very spooky.


 Now, who wants to come Trick-or-Treating at the Olson house?
I promise, we're giving out candy and not apples.

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