Saturday, September 29, 2012

Martha Made Me Do It

Eight solid hours on my feet.....
NOW I will admit that I was absolutely nuts to buy 150 pounds of apples.

I know you already knew that, but I had this vision of myself having some totally Martha Stewart moments as I filled my home with the smell of cinnamon and apples and sang songs about pioneers and and stuff.

 I did not envision nearly amputating my thumb with the paring knife, burning the bottom of my most expensive pot because I got distracted and covering my hands with hundreds of splatters of boiling hot apple water.
The fact that it happens every single time had no impact on my canning fantasy.
It never does.

Actually, it was just fine.

Romy helped me for the first 45 seconds and then went off to go watch the video of that I Love Cats lady on youtube.

I cooked and mooshed 50 pounds of apples and got about 12 quarts done.
I tasted it after everything was finished and I'm not in love with the flavor of this batch. It's a little on the tart side. Sour apples are great, but not in applesauce.
Normally, I boil my apples in apple juice and sometimes add a little sugar to make it sweeter. This time I was going for super healthy organic.
Super healthy organic isn't awesome, IMO, at least not the way I made it.

It's not a loss though because applesauce makes a great oil substitute in a lot of baking, so I'll add it to my fats and oils in my food storage. It's always good to have some 'oil' that doesn't go rancid quickly. This will keep for 10 years, so I am happy with it, even if it isn't yummy applesauce.

I don't plan to touch the apples tomorrow, but I'll be back at it on Monday.
Try to wait until then for my third, fascinating post about apples.

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