Monday, September 3, 2012

I Know I'm Not Funny

I have been working on a little project I started a couple of weeks ago.
My sister is pregnant with a little boy and I made her a small blanket. I haven't been consistent about making blankies for each of my new nieces and nephews, but I do think I've made at least one for each family.
I typically stick with white and either pink or blue. I did a completely different color set for baby Lilly, because I knew they were doing her room in green.
Fascinating stuff.
On to the pictures......

I also made a hat and booties for Sunnie's Bunnyson.  The first bootie took three hours, the second took 20 minutes- three cheers for the learning curve.

Our new ward has lots of women who are still of the baby making mindset.
 It's another big difference from our last ward, we had maybe two babies born in the past four years. 
 If I can get myself to actually finish them, I think I'm going to be that weird old lady in the ward who knits booties for every new baby.
Yeah, it means I'll probably have to buy a fern and start hoarding cats, too, but one day those Mommies are going to say "I want to learn how to knit, I remember this creepy lady in our old ward in New Jersey who use to make baby booties and I'd like to be awesome like she was."
Then they will knit a scarf with itchy Red Lion yarn and admire the craft and patience knitting those booties must have taken me and they will regret donating them to the D.I......

This has to be one of my dumbest posts yet.

My brain has turned to absolute garbage these days, I'm really a complete waste of space these days.
That must be why I'm posting on the Internets.

 I should just get back to posting Mormon Memes on Pinterest.

That one is for you Sher. also, I love you. :)


  1. Holy Crap this is a funny post! thanks for the good laugh - it was needed and welcome!

  2. you totally rock! I had a lady in my ward when Bella was born who gave out booties - so that is awesome there are others carrying the torch :) love the blanket it is beautiful. ditto what Maggie said - a welcome laugh