Friday, September 14, 2012



Matt's cousin, Lisa, came all the way from Renton, Washington to visit us and to see New York City for the first time.
Because it was the first week of school, we couldn't go into the city every day, but we did manage to go in enough times that I think we all had our fill of the noise and traffic. Matt and Lisa hit the city one of the days, I went the next day with them and we saw the Museum of Natural History until we were all so sick of walking that our legs nearly fell off.

We made her play board games every evening. We taught her how to play Small World, Ticket to Ride and Munchkin, as a thank-you to our family for having her stay, she surprised us with a gift of Dominion and Set.

We've really just gone over the deep end with our board game geekery, but what a happy deep end it is. Lisa kicked our butts in most of the games, but I did manage to dominate in Flux that last night she was here.

While she was here she made her family's favorite recipe for orange biscuits. Sweet yum, those were fantastic.
We talked her into making them twice. :)

What a nice visit we all had, it was a hectic week with school starting, but Lisa was really nice about going with the flow and we had a great time with her. 

I was a real mess that first day school started and it was really helpful to have someone here to keep me grounded. I also got a call from one of my amazing other mothers, Joie and one of my new friends in our ward, Tara, invited us to go have lunch. I swear these women were all inspired to hold my hand and keep my head on straight while I worried myself into knots that first day of school.

So, that's two house guests we've had since we moved-- when are YOU coming to see us?

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