Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When We're Not Touring.....

I'm still doing that class at Big Picture Scrapbooking with the sketches.
I haven't done all of the sketches, partly because we've been traveling so much and partly because some of the layouts involve way too much photo hacking.

Here is what I have finished:

I'm using supplies from my stash, which was one of my goals. For some reason we scrapbookers tend to spend a ton on pretty papers, then we save them for the perfect layout. We all do it and it's silly because I have never done a layout and thought "If only I hadn't used that blue swirly paper I bought last month!!" A large part of the craft is making something cute out of the variety of supplies you have on hand.
It's too easy to just have too many supplies and then you really only use what's on top.
So some of this paper is 5 years old, which is nerdy and sad but I'm glad I'm using it and keeping the looks of the layouts current.

I did go out and waste 20 bucks buying a dozen rolls of washi tape.

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