Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're a Little Gamey

On any given evening, if you stop by the Olson house you will find that we love games.
Right now we are all glued to the TV watching the Summer Olympics, we are big Olympic junkies here. We got an upgrade to our Dish Network package and can record five different broadcasts at one time now and we have already filled up all of the space with Olympics. We're going to have to set up an external storage to get the rest of the stuff recorded so we can drag out the experience to keep us warm this fall.
We could all seriously watch Olympic games all day, every day. Matt is bummed that he's not able to watch more as his day is swallowed up by work and his commute. I know the next year is going to be a tough one, but hopefully, after he's made his mark in the NYC office, he will be able to have a schedule that allows for some flex time/work from home scheduling.
The kids have been watching fencing, volleyball and rowing during the afternoon. They mute it during the fencing because the freaky squawking noises they make are disturbing.
I tried to find some video on youtube, but got distracted....

***Eh, NBC won't let me embed the video, so if you're so inclined, head over to youtube and just try to get the song out of your head for the rest of the day***

When we're not watching the Olympics, we're playing a lot of board games this summer.

I know we're late to jump on the Ticket to Ride train, but we just got this game a few weeks ago. We've played it at least a dozen times. I think I have as much fun when my goal is to mess up every one's strategy as much as when I try to play to win.

  We've also been playing these games a ton:

Thanks Chad for introducing us to Flux

Just got this on Tuesday and the kids are loving it, I haven't played it yet

We use to own this game and then the kids played it and left it out and it got lost so I didn't r4eplace it until just this week. We played four rounds last night.

Grey gets a little bit silly during games. It's funny when it's a game like this, but really annoying when it's a strategy game. We refuse to play Settlers of Catan with him anymore.

I got an email from  my cousin in law (is that what it is? cousin in law?) with some recommendations of other games we would enjoy and I've already ordered one so we can add it to our list of Olson Family Nerd Night activities. Thanks, Paul. :)

What about you?
What are your family favorites?


  1. Empire builder series: I like the original Empire Builder game, but Euro Rails is also really good. The best part, you get to play with crayons.

  2. We like Carcassone and Word on the Street. I'm part of a board game group at work that plays during lunch several days each week, mostly European-style board games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassone. Some other really fun ones are Stone Age, Notre Dame, and St. Petersburg. We also love Quelf, but you have to be willing to be very silly when you play it. It's like Crainium on steroids.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great summer break! Paul wants to know which game you ordered...he has Mage Knight on his list (like I know what that is). Miss you bunches!