Sunday, August 12, 2012


Instead of taking his usual 2 full week vacation time this summer, Matt has been taking Fridays off.
It adds an extra fun day to the weekend and gives us the ability to do things in the city without having to fight the weekend+ tourist crowds.
There are still a bajillion people, but slightly less on Fridays.
There are also less if you go before lunch, but we can't always drag ourselves out of bed early.
This Friday, Matt got tickets to go and see the 9-11 memorial with the older kids.
I went and saw it in April when we were up here house hunting, it was really neat, but not something I needed to see twice and with little kids who couldn't care less.
We parked at Staten Island and I hopped on the subway with Grey, Jane and Roe while Matt and Zane, Emma and Kate went to the memorial,.
Our first stop:
FAO Schwarz.

Home of  every toy you could ever think of and the giant piano.....

So much fun.

They have you pose in front of a green screen for a picture before they let the kids go play on the4 piano, then they let in groups of 5 or 6 at a time go play for 3 minutes.
That was great because the kids didn't have to wait to go try it out, but they didn't play on it long enough to have it be a parent's nightmare.

I coughed up the $22 bucks for the picture, but I haven't scanned it to post yet.
I think the candids of the kids playing are cuter, anyway.
We stayed for about 2 hours, and left before we had seen everything.
We walked about 6 blocks to go to our next destination, Dylans' Candy Bar.

Oh my.
It was REALLY crowded and the candy was crazy overpriced, but they had everything.
It was a literal Candyland, for sure.
The kids had a blast.

Ten cent candy sticks for a buck each?
Mom's a softie, she said yes.

It was like a candy museum, they had candy from other countries, candy that I haven't seen since I was younger, and Grey was cute saying things like 'I haven't seen this candy since I was a kid!!"
Hey- you're still a kid.
Don't you be growing up on me too fast.
 If  Mom still takes you to toy and candy stores,  you're still a kid.

After we spent way too much money on not very much candy we went to the third floor and ordered their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate from the cafe.

We all had so much fun.
 I think it was the favorite thing any of them have done so far since we moved here. We've done some seriously fun things and it was a good one to serve as a final summer trip to the city for Jane. She, Grey and Roe were smiling from ear to ear the entire time.
That's going to be one they talk about for years to come.
I'm thankful that we've been able to pack so many fun, new things into this summer.
I hope that when school starts next month, the things that are different can have as many good things that come with the change as we've experienced with out family activities.

The closing ceremonies of the Olympics is about to start- another sign that summer won't last forever.
I have about 40 hours of games I fell asleep during on the DVR, so hopefully I can drag it out until I'm sick enough of it to hold on for two more years.

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