Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Six Flags

School started for all of our friends in Utah this week, but it doesn't start until after Labor Day here.
My kids got an extra long summer break and they have loved it, but I'm needing us to get settled into a regular routine and for us to take the next step in adjusting to our new home.
We had to go out with something special, though.
We have  missed going to Lagoon this summer, so we figured that Six Flags might help ease our pain and Matt took the day off, we loaded up the kids and were there when the park opened this morning.
Holy Smokes.....that was fun.
It has so many amazing rides, they make the rides at Lagoon look like a small town carnival. I think we probably did about 1/3 of the rides, but we left with smiles on our faces and sore feet.

They have the top wooden roller coaster in THE WORLD according to some random list Zane found online, so it must be true. They also have the #2 metal roller coaster in the United States, according to another random list that Matt found online.
The wooden roller coaster is called "El Toro." It went so fast, so high and I was scared to death. I am not as brave as I like to pretend and the rides scare the tar out of me, but I can't resist a wooden roller coaster. There is something about hearing the cars clack up tracks and how they take the curves... sure my spine nearly breaks every time, but I love it.
We rode that coaster twice, it was incredible.
I chickened out of a few of the rides.

Grey weenied out of some, too.
Sometimes I'm relieved when he weenies out of a ride because I didn't really want to do it myself.

Together we skipped the Batman ride where your legs are dangling as you do loop-de-loops and we wussed out on the Superman ride. You do that ride face-down, as if you were flying.
No flippin' way.
Zane, Matt and Romy did them and loved them.

Those three are fearless.

I have no regrets with my choice to wuss out and eat a pretzel instead.

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