Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Sofa, Old Friends

The retro room is coming along nicely.
Our new, curved sofa arrived.
 It's totally the wrong color, but for the price we got it, we can recover it.
Mail order furniture involves some gamble, and we knew the color was wrong when we ordered it.
What we didn't know was what a complete pain in the butt it was going to be to assemble. It seemed really straightforward: line the pre-drilled holes up, insert the bolts and twist. 
Easy peasy if the pre-drilled holes actually lined up. 
I will admit that there was some swearing involved in the assembly of that couch.
Knowing we have to do it all again when we recover it has put it much lower on the list of urgent "to do" items. 

It's still in transition, the table holding the radio is just two side tables, we're on the hunt for something vintage, similar in scale, just a few inches taller. 
The rug is new. 
We're going for retro without the 50 years of smoke and pet smell and without breaking the bank.
So yeah, Ikea.
Honestly, I don't want to imagine a world without Ikea.

The summer has reached a point where the kids are all too bored for their own good and we're starting to look forward to school starting. It starts later here than in Utah because the schools here honor Jewish holidays, so school doesn't start until after Rosh Hashanah.  
That's one thing that is different here- everything is open on Sundays (okay, pretty much everything is open on Sundays in Utah now, too) but you have HUGE kosher sections at the stores and almost every place you eat has a section the menu for Kosher items. 
There are school breaks for all of the High Holy Days and there is a lot more religion here than "Mormon" and "not Mormon." 

That probably came across weirder than it sounds in my head. 
 I'd have been a lousy missionary,lol.

Speaking of missionaries...... did I ever post the picture from when we fed the Elders a few weeks ago?

Here it is again, if I did.

If I didn't...look! The missionaries came over for dinner!
 This fine young man is Elder Pico, from Mesa, Arizona.

His mom was my visiting teacher when I was pregnant with Greyson, his big sister use to babysit Parker and Zane.
 He's a great kid and his mom was a person who helped me hang on to that mustard seed of faith I had at a time when I wondered if it wasn't just too much for me.
Sometimes it's hard when you look at the 'great reward' and it's not necessarily something you want.
 At the time, the idea of an eternal family was not something I actually wanted outside of a bond with my children. "Families are Forever" was not an appealing concept.
 I didn't feel like I really fit into what I was taught the master plan was. It never dawned on me that I had been taught a master plan that wasn't actually God's plan or a plan that church had. 
I just knew that no matter what I did, I felt like it wasn't good enough, it never was going to be good enough and I was tired of feeling worthless about everything.

Sister Pico was always accepting and reminded me that life is supposed to bring happiness and if the 'plan' isn't bringing happiness, you're probably not understanding it all- and that is an okay place to be, too. Just remember that the way we see things- even the big things- changes in time. Choose the bridges you burn and make sure they are ones you are certain that you don't want to cross again.
I wasn't certain of burning that bridge between myself and the church, I just knew it wasn't working at the time.
Sister Pico helped me see that I had time to figure things out and I didn't need to decide until I KNEW what I wanted and that I was still worthy of being loved and having happiness  no matter what.
 I have wondered for years how she was and what became of her sweet family. Now I know, and was able to tell her son how much his mother changed my life, by simply loving me and accepting me. I was able to thank this family for the life lessons I was taught and to let her know what an example she was to me. 
I'm not where I want to be in life yet, but I know that I get to figure it out and that whatever plan God has in store for me, for my children, for my family and loved ones--that it's a plan that brings happiness and doesn't make you feel like garbage as you follow it. That doesn't mean it doesn't include a lot of crummy, hard things, but it does mean that when you're dealing with those hard things, you know that the road you are on leads to somewhere better. 
 Whatever one's belief system is, there really is joy in the journey and if one isn't finding an ounce of joy-- maybe you have the map upside-down.
I know my map was completely upside-down and I'm glad I had someone in my life who let me know that I didn't need to throw the whole map in the trash. 

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  1. That is so amazing that you ran into her son. Such great blessings! Thank you also for sharing this, I really needed the reminder to find joy in the journey and not expect it all to make sense right now. Take care