Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fancy Food

Before Parker headed back to Utah, we made sure he was able to get  a taste of one more thing they don't have out west, White Castle.
 The burgers come in a "30 pack" box.
They're just sliders and I think they are absolutely disgusting, but teenagers and potheads everywhere love them.
He didn't actually eat all of those, they kids thought it would be funny to give him their empties and have him pose like Crazy White Castle Man.

Jane thought they were okay, but wasn't in love with them.
I hear you, kid.
Please ignore the kitchen that I just brought to your attention..we have been frustrated that the dishwasher barely works and realized that the moron who remodeled the house hooked it up to the cold water instead of the hot, so Matt fixed it right after we ate.

Parker left yesterday and is safely back in Utah. We will see him again for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It was really nice to have all seven of my kiddos here in this still unpacked and new house.

For a few days, all was right in the world, even though nobody had enough hot water.
I miss him already.
Love love love my kids.

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  1. White Castle is awesome! my kids loved them and so does Tim.