Sunday, August 5, 2012


I'm so so tired.
We went to Washington DC, just for the weekend.
Grey and Roe stayed with their dad and it was just us and the kids who are less prone to whining.
It was too hot. 
We saw the Lincoln Memorial, The White House, Washington Monument and The Wall.
A post about our trip to The Wall will come later, when my eyelids don't feel like they weigh 100 pounds.
It was too hot to keep walking outside, so we ran for cover in The Smithsonian
Hours and hours of art, history and amazing things that we'd mostly only read about and seen pictures of.

Now we have pictures, too.

Words will come on another day.
Too tired and I have a heavy heart.
Aunt Gail passed away last night. We saw her in November and she gave the kids rubber ducks. Roe has about 20 rubber ducks now,she started collecting them after that visit.

It was cancer, we thought she had it beat, but it came back and wouldn't let go this time. 
The date on the calendar changes and just like that, she's gone. 
I'm sorry, Mom and John.

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  1. You know how I feel about DC--so glad you got to go!

    I'm so sorry about your Aunt Gail. Cancer. I hate it.