Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Because You Care Where I Put My Sofa..

We settled on what to do with that difficult front room.
It's not for everyone, but Matt and I are both excited about it and we're going to go mid century modern with it.
Don Draper, eat your heart out.
There are so many vintage shops here and massive eclectic flea markets here, we're hoping that we have a lot of fun searching for the items we need.
We settled on the furniture layout  after playing around with the layout of the room on this site:

Every single wall has either a radiator or a door on it except for one. Ergh.
Since it's a vintage house, we're going to go with it and take the room back into a time warp....

 I purchased this leather covered table for $25 bucks last week, we pick it up on Saturday.
Depending on the actual color and condition of the leather, I may swp that out for something more contemporary.

 We also purchased this sofa. I'm hoping the dimensions are right because the price really was.
It will probably need to be re-upholstered in the long run, but in the short run, I think we have found our perfect curved sofa for our wacky space.
Next on the list...

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