Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Weekend, Another Clever Title

Last week Matt brought home some lovely flowers after work.
I was having a hard day (I've been having a few of those lately) so he slipped away from the train and picked up this bouquet from a street vendor.
The roses were white and red, swirly. I've never seen that before.
So pretty.
And now they are dead.
We overslept yesterday and woke up five minutes before we should have left for church.
Matt and I decided to go to the city and check out one of the museums he gets into for free instead.
That's almost like church, except fighting traffic and dirty New York is nothing like church, but the point is.....
Ah, I totally forgot my point. There is no point.
We went to the museum.
That's all.
On the way there I totally saw Matt Lauer jogging in Central Park.
My first accidental celeb sighting.
  This is from the Internets.
I didn't take a picture.
He has a daughter named Romy, did you know that?
His hair was pretty grey, what there was of it.
He has a six pack, for sure, but that's not something I groove on.
I'll take a freakishly tall guy any day.
Good thing I have one of those.
oth; text-align: center;">

both; text-align: center;"> Matt At the Guggenheim Museum.
I had the best Matt as my date for sure.
My opinion of the museum?
The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, so it was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
It's all one spiral you walk down and when you walk to the edge of the path, the walls curve out slightly so you have to lean over to look down no matter where you are. The ceiling is stunning.
 But you are NOT supposed to take any pictures!
I was (nicely) told this after I snapped a few of the ceiling.
I'm not one who takes photos of paintings and I know to keep my flash off indoors, but it was weird that you couldn't even take a picture of the structure.
Not a big deal, but something to know if you go.
It's not a kid museum.
They have one area with well known artists, but the rest of a lot of modern art done by people your Regular Schmo wouldn't know about.
I'm a regular schmo.
They did have a photography exhibit that I fell in love with.
Maybe I'll talk about that later.
But don't take your kids, they will be bored to death.
It is also not a very big museum, so it's not an all day type of place.
Just so you know when you come visit.
Save your tired feet for the MOMA or the Museum of Natural History.
We also caved and bought a new trampoline for the kids.
Our neighbor, Jacobv, worries that we are holding them prisoner because they never play outside.
It's an Arizona Mom thing I picked up where you never ever ever just send the kids outside to play. Too many pools, too hot and a disproportionate fear of weirdos.
I should have overcome that in Utah, but I didn't.
Now, here in the big urban jungle (not), I am the weird mom whose kids are always inside.
So, we bought a new trampoline, to encourage the kids (and Mom) to stop acting so freaky and go outside. We brought it to the yard to set up and heard a loud crack of thunder and the skies literally opened up and started to pour rain.
Isn't that just the saddest thing?

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