Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Times Square With the Teenagers

On Friday, Emma, Kate and Jane flew up from SLC to spend the rest of the summer.
They will be back for UEA weekend, Christmas and Spring Break this year so we'll have lots of time to do some city exploring before Emma graduates high school next spring and spending time together will probably be more difficult.

We've done so much this weekend, I'm going to split it into a few posts.
 I'm also going to do that because everybody looooooves when you extend the "look at pictures from my vacation" experience.

 Times Square

 Some day, Kate, it will be you on the marquee

 This is the closest thing I've seen to famous-land since we've moved.
It's the totally NOT famous for anything Korilla Food Truck.
They were on a TV show, competing in The Great Food Truck Race.
Not famous, but it's not like I'm bumping into Katie Holmes and Donald Trump out here.
For a Food Network Nerdie like myself, it was still cool to see people I watched on TV. It's not anywhere near as awesome as when Tom Coliccio was catching the same train as us in Washington DC, but it made me smile.
We'll always have the subway...

I didn't go to the truck though because I wasn't hungry and I wasn't going to go up there and say "hi, I saw you get kicked off your show for cheating on TV. Smile for a picture?"

I think the girls had a great time in the city. We've got some museum trips planned and I got tickets to see Evita with Ricky Martin next week.

I don't care what you say, I still love him and Evita has been one of my favorites forever.

After three days of sightseeing,  we are taking a break and doing a pajamas/craft day today.
Glitter will be spilled and photographs will be hacked as I sit and chatter with my girls while Greyson ignores us and plays video games.
Three cheers for craft day!

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