Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scrapbooking and Stick Up Cups

Such a clever, creative title.
I guess there is no book deal for me in the future. ;)

Two more layouts, finished:

 Obviously, I've been doing 'family' layouts from the photo session we had with the Olsons in May, I am working on one more of Mom and Dad and then I have a new layout for each of the 'O' homes.

This one was done from a sketch and it helped me break out of my same design formula, so I signed up for a sketch class at Big Picture Scrapbooking that begins next week.

A month ago, I placed an order for these cups with magnets in them from a company in Utah, Stickupcup.

I'd purchased these cups before and they were great for the kids and saved me from having to wash 8 billion cups in the summer. I ordered one for each kid with plenty of time for them to arrive before the girls got here. They never arrived. My money was collected right away, but there was no sign of the cups.
I contacted the company- nothing. I was very nice and asked what the status of my order was...nothing. I contacted them again and was very nice, but asked for a refund...still nothing.
So, I contacted paypal and filed a complaint and asked that they get me a refund.
Within 48 hours of doing that, my order was shipped.
I know they only sent the order after I complained to paypal because it had actually been two orders and they charged separate shipping for each order, and when they arrived, it was all in one box, no order slip and the shipping for all of the cups was less than what I was charged, but whatever.

And it's really a great product, they cups are heavy plastic and they stick right to the fridge and come in enough different colors that even a huge family can give each kid their own color of cup. There is always a cup within reach and it's a brilliant idea and the kids love them.

They do have a booth at the Quilted Bear in Midvale if you're local so you can avoid the shipping stupidity. If they'd have even sent a note with an 'oops' I would have felt better about them, but if you are thinking about making an online order from them, I'm not the only one who has had problems with orders not being shipped.
 That's too bad because it's a great idea for families with kids.

We finally broke down and set up the pool in the yard. We weren't going to do it because summer is already halfway over, but it's hot and the kids are too content to watch cartoons all day and I can only listen to so many hours of Adventure Time before I start to twitch and go crazy.
Matt and the kids spent an hour+ setting it up and went to turn on the water and discovered that the guy who remodeled the house before we bought it had capped off the spigot and there was no outside water access.
Super annoying.
We ran the hose through the laundry room and the pool is almost filled and we found the capped off line and it should be a simple job, but it's still something we are going to need to hire someone to remedy and it's one of those stupid things you never imagine anyone doing to a house.
I wonder how many things the people who live in out Utah house are finding and saying to themselves "What kind of idiots lived here before us?"

not quite as bad as whatever they did to this house, but it always seems that way to the next person

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  1. We've lived here for more than 2 decades and are STILL wondering about the mental ability of the people who lived here previously!