Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Birthdays

Yesterday, we hit the city and spent the day in Central Park until the heavens opened up and soaked us to the core. I'd planned ahead and we had dollar store ponchos, but the rain wasn't just a quick passing storm and we got pretty soaked and had to call it a day early.

We saw the Belvedere Castle, a real Egyptian Obelisk and found the Alice in Wonderland Statue. When the rain really started to come down and the kids started to whimper, we realized that there was no way all six kids were going to be able to handle trekking back to the car.

 Sweet Matthew grabbed an umbrella and crossed the huge park and picked us up while we huddled under some scaffolding on 5th avenue on top of a sidewalk grate that had warm air coming up through to warm our frozen toes.

That was a lifesaver and we all had fun just talking as  the rain poured, cars honked and we shook our heads that we got caught in the rain in Central Park.
We may just live out every single movie cliche' we have ever seen this summer, and that's perfectly fine with us.
My layout today was with pictures from our adventure yesterday.

Today is Kate's birthday- she's 15.

Where do the years go with these kids?
There was a YM/YW activity this morning that the kids went to and we opened presents when we got home.
Silly gifts and books from her brothers and sisters and......

Spoiled child got a Nook from Mom and Dad as well.

She was really surprised. She did the same face I do when Matt has shocked me with something I never would have splurged on, the "Is it really what's in the box or are you tricking me?" face.

Since she is one of the kids who is going to be doing a lot of traveling and she reads so much, we figured it was a good time to get her one. Matt set it all up last night so she could use it right away, even though the only book it has on it right now is the Book of Mormon.
We spent the extra 30 bucks and got the model that has a light built in, that's my only real complaint I have with my Kindle, I had to buy the $60 dollar cover in order to have any sort of built in light. Zane has a Kindle as well and I need to just get him the overpriced cover, too. I LOVE my Kindle, Zane loves his as well, but the light issue is a big one on the versions that are e readers only, so Barnes and Noble win the day with that one.
Zane and I share my Amazon account so we can share books and games, when we eventually get the other 'O' girls e readers, we will have them share an account as well so they can share the same library.

Tomorrow we are speaking in church, which would be fine, but Matt and I are really sick. Grey is hacking as well and we tried to just cancel, but they just called two new members of the Bishopric last week and the Bishop is out of town. When we called the new counselor was on a bike ride and wouldn't be back until late tonight and we decided it would be better to have us hacking and hoarse than leave him without any speakers on his first week at the helm. Emma, Kate and Jane are speaking, too so they are going to have their fill of us Olson women. :)

With that said, I'd better get my ideas for my talk out of my head and onto actual paper.
 It's on Strengthening Your Testimony Through Adversity.
 I think I've got plenty of material for this one, LOL.

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  1. Now that I actually have been to Central Park myself I appreciate this post so much more. Sorry to hear you are sick. Good luck on your talks tomorrow!