Thursday, July 19, 2012

On This Night of A Thousand Stars....

Oh what a circus, oh what a show!
When they're bringing the curtain down, demand to go out like Eva Peron....

Yesterday was the big day, our first real Broadway show.
Evita at the Marquis Theater on Broadway.
Have I mentioned yet that it was on BROADWAY?
I've only dreamed of seeing a show there my entire life.
It totally lived up to the dream.

Originally, Grey and Roe were scheduled to spend this week in West Virginia, but something came up and they are staying here, which is great, but we had already purchased tickets to the play and I'm not comfortable leaving the kids home alone for that long, when I'm that far away, so Matt worked from home yesterday instead of going in to the office.
Thank you so much for doing that, Babe.

It was Zane's first trip to that part of the city, he's only done the Staten Island Ferry trip so far and you don't get much more "New York City" that Times Square.

 There was an Indian in underpants getting in trouble with the police. A homeless guy playing the drums on a bucket fighting with another street peddler, people in costume handing out coupons to shows, a guy dressed up like Mario wanting to take pictures with tourists and a bajillion people on the streets.
Chaos, lights, bad smells, great food and people, everywhere.
New York City, baby.

We spent a couple of hours walking in the heat until we were all drenched with sweat. That part wasn't awesome, but it's what you gotta do. We had lunch at a pizza joint that had a basement eating area with cold a/c and we were quite thankful for that, a lot of the cheap-o eateries do not have a/c. It really stinks when it's 100 degrees and humid.
After being touristy and eating we headed over to the theater to pick up our tickets.
I have been told that the cheapest way to see a show is to just show up and wait until an hour before they start and tickets will become available for the unsold seats at a discounted rate, but I wasn't going to take any chances with a group our size.
We were in the second to the last row on the upper balcony, but they were still good seats, way better than some we've had for Salt Lake shows.

We went to a matinee, they cost a little less and are less likely to sell out. They were still pricey, but this isn't something we're going to do very often- at least not with kids. There are a ton of off Broadway shows and local theater is huge here and there will be plenty of things to take kids to that won't be such a big expense.
The staff at the theater was very helpful and absolutely pleasant. You don't find pleasant very often in New York City. Our seats were just fine, we could see everything and make out the faces easily. I think every seat in the house was pretty good, honestly.

Everyone was excited, the music started to play and onto the stage, out comes...Ricky Freaking Martin.
You could hear an audible sigh from the audience.
The crowd was star struck, as were we.
I was never a Menudo fan, but I sure adored him when he had his comeback in the 90's.
The girls weren't sure who he was until the night before the show and they realized he was the Spanish teacher on Glee.

Suddenly, he was relevant to the kids,lol.
And I looked over and all four of the kids had giant smiles on their faces as they listened to the cast sing:
And who is this Santa Evita....

We moved up closer at intermission and were only a few rows from the front on the balcony.
Ricky flubbed one line, but only dorks like me who have Evita memorized noticed, and he made a face when he realized he did it.  It was almost like we had a moment there. He's human, I'm human, we're all human....wait what was I talking about?
Oh yes, our wholesome family activity and NOT my 20 year old crusho n Ricky Martin.

I cried during the scene where Che and Evita dance, as I do every time.

Jane got so into it, when the crowds in the show would cheer, they would crank the sounds of it through the speakers and she didn't realize it was the show, not the audience clapping and cheering and she would join right in. The people behind us were smiling at her, she was so excited and happy.

It was all wonderful and we all were so thrilled to actually be watching famous people in a Broadway show. It's dream come true kind of stuff for nerds like us.

When they show ended, it was pouring rain. The sky was dark and the skies were just dumping. I bought some overpriced umbrellas to try and help, but I finally just grabbed Jane's hand, told the older kids to follow us and we ran through the rain a couple of blocks to the bus terminal.
 We were soaked, but that kind of added to the experience.
Walking down Broadway, in New York City, singing it the rain....kind of perfect.

We caught the bus back to Springfield where Matt met us and picked up five drenched but beaming dorks who could not stop humming Don't Cry for Me Argentina all evening long.

(Every  picture of the show except the crappy blurry one I took was swiped from the internet. They don't let people like me get that close to Mr. Ricky Martin)


  1. You so crack me up. I am so glad you took the kids and went. What a great experience. It's a whole new world out there, make sure they take advantage of everything they can. As much as i HATE you being gone, I think this has been a blessing in disguise. The best thing i see happening is your kids have to depend on each ya..miss u more...

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful in every way!

    We saw the "Naked" Indian when were in Times Square a couple weeks ago. I asked out loud where the "Naked" Cowboy was and someone told me we had just missed him. Evidently the "Naked" Indian is fairly new and not as good--whatever that means. :)