Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Review of the Temple, post-sedative

I started this pose much more lucid than I am now, but my body isn't quite ready to give in to my sleeping medicine just yet.
I may need to delete this post in the morning based on whatever random weirdness I post.
Fair warning.

I had nowhere to go but up from yesterday....
Matt had the day off today and we took a bus to the city. I've been feeling a little bit sick of the city, to be honest but part of the thing I hate is the driving/parking situation. We decided to see if the bus was a good option, as we were told there was one that picks up locally and will take you all the way to the PATH station near Times Square.
For $6.50 one can go to the city from our town and not worry about driving, honking, merging, being killed or finding a parking spot and then paying 40 bucks for it.
I think I have found my new primary way in and out of Manhattan. I actually wasn't so wound up by the time I got there that I wanted to cry.
Today's mission was to locate the Manhattan Temple and see if that was worth taking the kids to go see.
We found it and it isn't really.

Self portraits always look awesome, don't they?

It's neat to be in the city and all of a sudden you find that one of those grey buildings has an Angel Moroni on top, but the kids won't care, so we will spend our city time doing things they will enjoy more. You have to pick your activities carefully when you have so many kids and one of those kids makes Sheldon Cooper look relaxed at times.

Times Square is nice in the mornings, horrible in the evenings, IMO.
Central Park is gorgeous, always.
It was good to see the temple, too. I don't mean to make it sound like it wasn't great, it's just not a big NYC destination we're going to take the kids.

Look into the sky, to the right.
 Do you see the Angel Moroni in the big city?

They have a family history center there.
Oh Betty Fail, you'd smile at it. It was just one tiny room with a couple of computer set up, as small as that room you taught Family History in. There were 3 guys in there on the computers and one woman who had come in off the street because they have a sign from the church saying if you wanted to learn more about your family history, inquire within.

It was very different from the huge Family History Center we went to, Betty.
That reminds me, I never did find who Georgianna Barrow's parents were..... I need to do my family history work on days when I feel so lost and freaked out. I need to remind myself of bigger pictures I am a part of and those eternal bonds that time and distance can't take away.
I don't think it will make me miss you any less, but it may keep me from having my hope fall off like chunks of a melting iceberg.
I don't know if that was a good analogy or not, my sleeping medicine is starting to kick in.

Realizing that, I REALLY should stop blogging before I post something even stupider than my "the heart is a melting iceberg..." drivel.
I'll leave you with tomorrow's birthday boy and his doughnut.
Proof that today was a better day, for everyone but the doughnut.

nom nom nom.

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