Saturday, July 14, 2012


We did manage to change out of our pajamas this week, I swear.

We have kept the craft room open and in use off an on all week, I think we'll just keep everything out all summer. It's been fun to be stickering and glittering. Yesterday, the kids found play dough in the craft supplies and they pulled out the bag of vintage cookie cutters I have and spent two hours playing with play dough.

These are teenagers we're talking about, teenagers who also have access to four big game systems and Nintendo DS games as well as i pods, the internet, Netflix and Cable TV.

They chose play dough.

Very cute.

The girls made memory boxes to keep momentos and ticket stubs fromthe things they see and do while they are here.

I finished three more layouts.

Just simple layouts, getting my feet wet again.
I am in love with this photography themed paper line from Die Cuts With a View. They use to be our biggest competitors when I worked at Deluxe Designs. I guess they won the day because they are still making cute stuff and Deluxe has been gone for years.

 I still think we had nicer people in our company. ;)
I remember one of the reasons I stopped scrapbooking though and it's because I feel like my layouts all look the same. I have a handful of techniques I always seem to use, a handful of design elements that always appear no matter how much I try to change it up. The layouts look just fine, but to me, they all look like different versions of the same five designs and I need to find some inspiration to change it up and leave my comfort zone there. I think I'm going to register for an online class and see if they can't help me stop using my 'formula.'
If I'm going to get back into the craft, I want to feel like I'm making pages that I'm not just happy with, but that I feel show a higher level of technique and creativity. I need to change things up.

Matt is taking the girls into the city today, I'm staying home with Grey.
 He hates the city and we have to choose the times we drag him out carefully. They are going to go and check out the Brooklyn Museum and see if it's a place that we could take him to in the future and not have him shut down.
I also need a little bit of a break from all of the noise to just catch up on some house cleaning and make sure Zane's room is void of any evidence that we totally let people sleep in there while he was gone.


  1. Hi Chris - love your layouts! They're really fun.

    An online class that I took recently that I enjoyed was the "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking" by Shimelle Laine on the two peas site. They also have some other interesting classes. If you have considered digital, I've also really enjoyed the classes at Jessica Sprague.

    Enjoying your blog, too!

    Keep cool in the heat!

  2. I've done lots of digital in the past, I still need to transfer my bajillion digital supplies to my new computer. I'm thinking about doing the upcoming sketch workshop at big picture and see if it will help kick me out of my design rut. I'll look into the classes at 2peas, I haven't ever taken classes from them before. Thanks for the sweet words, Cousin!! Love ya tons. :)