Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have attempted to post three times in the past two days and accidentally deleted my post and dumb blogger saves the change within a nanosecond of my deleting the post.
No, it isn't an issue that can be solved with control +Z.
It's probably not even a blogger issue, but I need to blame something.

I'm tired of rewriting the same darn post, so I'm just going to make this one quick and get it published before I hit whatever key makes it vanish forever. I know it's a user error, but this user has had enough of it.

My cousin Marla was in town this weekend, she's our first houseguest here in New Jersey.
We hit NYC, but got sick of it after a couple of hours, so we weenied out and spent the rest of the time in New Jersey.
We did hit the famous Magnolia Bakery, though.
Meh, they have nothing on Meghan's Creme Brulee cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Utah.

She was doing a job out in DC and was able to tack on a couple of days to come and see us at the end of her trip. She lives in Japan with her sweet family and we had a great weekend hitting all of the big fancy American places like Target and Michael's.
We also ate a ton of wonderful pizza.
I think I am converting to NYC style..... so amazing.

We also hit the goodwill.
The goodwill here is nothing like the DI back in Utah. It had rack after rack of random, weird knickknacks and it just cracked me up.
I think some one got an "F" in horse painting class......

Ah, memories of that awesome trip you took to Gudeloupe........

I just want to know the back story for this one.....
"All I did was have lunch with that crazy woman and she gets all weird and MAKES ME A PLATE."
I wonder if there were cookies, or if it was just a plate to thank someone for meeting them...face to face.

Why is Obi Wan Kenobi so angry at Jesus?

Thanks Marla for soming to see us. I love you so very much and I appreciate your joyous laugh and patience with me as I wind own nerves up in a giant knot over so many silly things. Thanks for being such a great cousin and more than that, a great friend.
Matt and I both love you to bits and hope you have a safe flight back to P & J.


  1. I had such an awesome time at your house! I am already missing that wonderful pizza. You and Matt are the best!

  2. Oh my!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time ;) I'm pretty sure you and I could get together and have some seriously good laughs. You have an amazingly optimistic attitude about life. Can I borrow some just for a bit??

  3. Btw, I need that plate! I have to.make cookies for the woman I'm stalking ;)